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Example sentences for reigns

One reigns only if one is a monarch exercising sovereign power.
The difference was in who held the reigns of power in various parts of the nation.
Confusion reigns, much of it placed at the doorstep of the politicians.
Compare that to buying an airline ticket, where the free market reigns.
He takes the reigns of an already incredibly successful retail empire.
Nostalgia reigns at the floating chamber-music series this week.
When panic reigns, investors pour into dollars and dollar securities.
Instead the party reigns supreme in this parallel structure, as it does on the national scale.
Orderly chaos reigns on the factory floor, a blur of flying hands and whirring sewing machines.
Free expression reigns under the current regime for registering web addresses.
We've had entirely too much of an administration that thinks it reigns.
Below the bridge pandemonium reigns among the foes of annexation.
Shades of brown dominate in nature while winter reigns.
Safe hunting reigns supreme and goes without saying.

Famous quotes containing the word reigns

That in all times, mediocrity has dominated, that is indubitable; but that it reigns more than ever, that i... more
Fear is cruel and mean. The political reigns of terror have been reigns of madness and maligni... more
At twenty years of age, the will reigns; at thirty, the wit; and at forty, the judgment.... more
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