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Example sentences for reignite

Conventional wisdom has long held that any tumor cell remaining in the body could potentially reignite the disease.
As a last gasp, earthlings send a crew of astronauts on a mission to reignite it.
Later, the third rocket stage would also fail to reignite.
Our annual report on innovative trips will broaden your perspective, push your limits, and reignite your sense of possibility.
Perhaps one day a pile of cash will reignite whatever embers of the band remain after this week.
He pointed out that the tax cuts had helped to reignite an economy that was sinking into recession.
Several issues, if mishandled, could reignite a bloodier conflict all over again.
The film casts a thought-provoking light on that controversy, which the new film is likely to reignite.
The scare stories that the minimum wage would cost many thousands of jobs and reignite inflation have proved wrong.
Doing enough to satisfy either would reignite war or spell his own end.
For that reason, it is likely to reignite the fierce debate over the ethics of human cloning.
Subsequent fires readily reignite in the exposed wood and flowing resin at the older wound boundary.
They feared that old feuds would reignite and weapon supply lines would be reestablished.
Coals retain enough heat to reignite for days after the fire.
Flames can diminish, grow gradually or even reignite.
After cooking, soak coals with water and leave them outside in a ventilated area so they can't build up heat and reignite.
For several days, crews try to reignite the remaining fuel.
She then closes the fixed liquid level gauge and the hose end valve before the escaping gas has the opportunity to reignite.
Once extinguished, these fires may reignite if the extinguishant is drawn from the compartment before the engine can be shutdown.
If succeeding flaming drips reignite earlier drips that flamed, the drip flame time reported is the total of all flaming drips.
Chemical powders can cause the fire to smolder rather than extinguish, setting the stage to reignite.
Of course it only takes one of these fish to be flashed around the docks to reignite everyone's determination and enthusiasm.
Do not take the lid off until the pan is cool and the fire is out as it can reignite.
Employers may need to reignite employee engagement and determine how to keep older workers motivated.
In areas recovering from conflict, loose weapons increase the threat that groups or individuals might reignite hostilities.
We need multiple engines working together to reignite global growth.
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