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The police are being twisted into being tools of the reigning political power.
If you think you know one bigger in any species listed, you can nominate it, and perhaps unseat the reigning champ.
The one that broke was eaten, while the reigning champion would go on to his next match, until it too broke.
Both are radically historicized, which in our time often means: reduced to an expression of the reigning discourses.
After all, there was no reigning in this ragtag band.
Unexpectedly, the study also helped to challenge the reigning view on the place where dogs first appeared.
Jay-Z, rap's long-reigning king, has a new album and the old swagger.
Harold's position as the reigning grand high poobah for their suburban block is soon undermined by his neighbors' contempt.
Because, of the anarchy reigning in the construction sector, the mountain flanks were soon conquered and shantytowns flourished.
In this poll the public rejected some of the reigning shibboleths of the foreign-policy establishment.
The reigning generation should pay their debts, but using the estate tax to make them do it is a bad idea.
Nevertheless, there was still the abiding bitterness that needed reigning in.
In every conceivable fashion the reigning ethos of those times was hostile to excellence in education.
Among birds and mammals, polygamy usually does involve males reigning over large harems of females.
The dream of getting a computer to beat a reigning chess grandmaster dates back to the dawn of the computer age.
He understood the reigning orthodoxy of his time better than anyone, so he was better able to see beyond it.
Any sufficiently complex hierarchical society does seem to produce dissents from the reigning metaphysical orthodoxy.
They struggle to come up with new theories that fit the data within the reigning naturalist paradigm, but they don't succeed.
We have watched her in refugee camps and war-zone sandstorms, with villagers and reigning monarchs.
However, even though some of the reigning hypotheses reached dogma status, supporting experimental evidence is limited.
They conclude that the reigning values and beliefs in an organization must support the performance of its process designs.
She decides to hire you as the reigning expert to advise her and the tribe.
One of my main legislative priorities is reigning in our out of control spending.

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