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Literary power aside, it enjoyed such a long reign in part because it was ubiquitous.
She'd be okay with free reign of the house too, but the cats would probably mutiny.
And the possibilities to reign over material nature are limited.
Religion was a tool of the smart to reign over the weak.
Haddock could reign instead of cod, which would effect the species composition of the entire system.
It is noteworthy that the saints referred to belong either to the period preceding the king's reign or to the reign itself.
He also let me have free reign over our family video camera.
The government is struggling to reign in the value of its currency.
They succeed at times in allying themselves with a faction in the board, and a reign of terror follows their enthronement.
Injected vaccines reign in part because researchers understand how they work.
In combination, these research platforms allow them free reign to experiment.
Today we're accustomed to seeing food celebrities leap to fame, reign for a moment, then fade.
His reign was characterised by a combination of skilful foreign policy and ruthless suppression of domestic dissent.
No one predicted that her reign would be remembered by many with loathing.
The theory is that the isolation would end his reign and weaken the gang.
Perhaps more interesting still, however, are the monarchs who do not reign.
Either way, his demise spells the end of a vile reign.
But nothing foreshadowed this week's reign of terror.
In the planet's harshest environments today, cyanobacteria reign as they have for billions of years.
Some experts believe the group first diversified during the reign of dinosaurs.
The only way to reduce ocean temperatures is to dramatically reign in our emission of greenhouse gases.
Now plans are under way to restore its reign with the largest tiger sanctuary in the world.
It vivifies a reign of asceticism that followed upon our surfeit of freedom.
The reign of terror created by false alarms, to promote domestic feud and foreign war.
His rise and reign coincided with the emergence of the technologically adept and brand-conscious athlete.
Physical change is occurring at all times in all places down to an infinitesimal level where quantum waves reign.
It was opening night before anyone could put a stop to my jealous reign of terror.
He fails, and his failure tolls the end of his reign.
The exceptional length of his reign had real significance.
But the reign of illusions has replaced the reign of secrecy.
Such silence gives free reign to the armed zealots of ages past, and of this day.
Volunteers cater rice dishes from appetizers to full course meals, and a new queen is crowned to reign over the activities.
Award winning hybrids, species, and the newest developments in daylily breeding reign supreme in the summer.

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