reheating in a sentence

Example sentences for reheating

Few see any culinary action more sophisticated than reheating leftovers or popping popcorn.
Reheating requires energy input, lowers your energy efficiency.
Or, bake immediately and refrigerate for up to three days before reheating.
Reheating is the thermal process to heat foods that have been previously cooked and cooled in a food service establishment.
Proper reheating can eliminate a major portion of pathogens.
Be sure to cover food with a lid or plastic wrap when reheating in a microwave oven.
Sauces, soups, and gravy must come to a boil when reheating.
Code revisions include changes to reheating and hot holding temperatures, and new methods to avoid cross contamination.
Follow package directions for reheating, and storing these products.
These are the workhorses of the commercial kitchen, with a wide variety of uses from baking and roasting to warming and reheating.
Reheating would indicate taking the meat through several temperature changes.
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