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Example sentences for rehearse

Instead, take time to prepare and rehearse before confronting a potentially difficult conversation.
Take each of the odd questions and rehearse ways you might answer it naturally.
It then starts expanding again in the fall-a time to learn and rehearse new tunes.
Without actually touching any equipment, rehearse the motions of opening the particular type of emergency door.
They brought out the fact that she visited the courtroom with prosecutors to rehearse about a week before she took the stand.
So much has been written debunking this kind of argument that there's no need to rehearse it here.
On the second day in space the crew will rehearse their deorbit routine.
And once you have a plan, make sure you rehearse it.
Posting here helps you articulate that philosophy and rehearse your responses and decisions.
Typically, day racing affords skippers and crews hours to get things shipshape and to rehearse starts, tacks and jibes.
If you're making a presentation, for example, rehearse with a friend or in the mirror.
He or she cuts out football rehearse era prior to when playoff.
Music: rehearse, perform, and critique musical performances.
Theatre: rehearse, perform, and critique storytelling and improvisation.
Rehearse with fire support personnel on calls for fire.
Rehearse vocabulary instruction before, during, and after reading.
It is important to have a plan of action in the event a tornado threatens and to rehearse the plan frequently.
Members of the honor guard rehearse final salute to a deceased veteran stronger.
Rehearse and practice situations that cause you stress.
Students rehearse the scenario in groups, with the teacher acting as consultant and coach.

Famous quotes containing the word rehearse

Speak, ye that ride on white asses, ye that sit in judgment, and walk by the way. They that are delivered from the noise... more
Hear, then, a mortal Muse thy praise rehearse, In no ignoble verse; But such as thy own voice did practise ... more
In sober mornings do not thou rehearse The holy incantation of a verse;... more
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