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Prisons were built around the noble ideas of rehabilitation.
But after controlling for recidivism and rehabilitation programmes, the meal-related pattern remained.
Our own work indicates that the mirror system can be enlisted to expedite the rehabilitation of hemorrhagic stroke patients.
Five bird and butterfly friendly home gardens plus a visit to a raptor rehabilitation facility.
Advances in sports medicine have dramatically cut recovery and rehabilitation time for football players.
Employers often have to be given financial incentives to hire people in psychiatric vocational rehabilitation services.
The trick is capturing future savings to invest in rehabilitation now.
There was a time when drug or alcohol rehabilitation was sufficiently shaming to keep under wraps.
My sister came right away and stayed with her through a surgery to pin her leg together and initial rehabilitation.
Indeed, it is considered a first step in a criminal's rehabilitation.
There are a handful of prisoner rehabilitation programs that really work.
But there have been bumps on the road to rehabilitation.
If anything, it is likely to militate against prisoners' rehabilitation.
Please contact us in the future if you have specific rehabilitation questions or needs.
Outside the prison walls, rehabilitation and job programmes remain inadequate.
But an even bigger challenge is long-term rehabilitation.
Its work now has shrunk to the rehabilitation of amputees, and even that is in jeopardy.
Officials say that the rehabilitation will take three years, barring more floods.
Filling rehabilitation programmes with addicts unwilling to reform might simply be a distraction for the other patients.
Almost certainly, a lot of land is beyond rehabilitation and likely to be abandoned.
More money is to be spent on rehabilitation and improving workplace environments.
Their sentences will be rehabilitation programmes, not prison.
The rehabilitation clinics that serve them specialise in treating heroin and crack-cocaine addiction.
Unfortunately the rehabilitation of released prisoners can also be expensive.
To begin with, some rehabilitation projects-particularly drug treatment-seem to work.
Mercy and rehabilitation and other mitigating factors must come into play.
The perfect scenario would be for him to take it to the rehabilitation center for good.
After the dog was tired they then did some rehabilitation work while the dog was calm and tired.
As always happens, the artist rehabilitation has led to yuppie gentrification.
The opposition's rehabilitation began with a strong showing in big cities in a regional vote two years ago.
Rehabilitation is a long-term project, he says, but eagles are returning and mountain zebras are back.
So the rehabilitation of the cabin became a necessity.
Current law requires a student to take part in a drug-rehabilitation program as well.
Without effective rehabilitation techniques, many people become more mentally unstable behind bars.
If drugs were as harmless as the author of this column indicates, rehabilitation and recovery centers would be non-existent.
Many are warehoused in nursing homes, without access to treatment or rehabilitation.
So for an endangered species the zoo may be more of a hospice than a rehabilitation center.
Three months later, he came to see me after his physical rehabilitation.
We set up a cognitive rehabilitation program that tried to aid him with mnemonic strategies.
He was discharged to a skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation and physical therapy.
We recall the ordeals of surgery and rehabilitation.
The notorious former lobbyist and convicted felon is on a well-received rehabilitation tour.
They believed in rehabilitation, and she was showing promise.
Prisons should not be euphemistically named, and they should not be designed as comfortable, attractive rehabilitation centers.
For months he pleaded with the head of rehabilitation for some up-to-date prosthetic legs.
Work and education programs have been cancelled, out of a belief that the pursuit of rehabilitation is pointless.
He brings them to the vicarage where they act as servants during their rehabilitation.
It will allow us to tailor sentencing, to customize rehabilitation, and to better structure societal incentives.
Before being able to dance, she would have had to undergo months of agonizing rehabilitation.
But if patients can function-even one-handed-their insurance firms may tell them that their rehabilitation is done.
Such a device might one day be used to boost the effects of rehabilitation therapy.
Motivation to recover is a key factor in obtaining an optimal level of rehabilitation.
The glove could also be used in video games, sports training, or physical rehabilitation.
One version is a supporting device worn over the leg that is used for corrective or rehabilitation purposes.
Some may specialize in the rehabilitation of post-refractive surgeries.
It has demonstrated its usefulness in long-term recovery and is much cheaper than hospital rehabilitation.
Possible tasks include housework, remote diagnosis via a network, or rehabilitation-such as helping stroke sufferers to walk.
It appears, however, that its rehabilitation has begun.
Then recuperation, then physical rehabilitation, and then a series of temporary residences.
His family background, however, soon led him to take up animal rehabilitation.
Some fight through rehabilitation to return to their old jobs.
Management of patients with stroke: rehabilitation, prevention and management of complications, and discharge planning.
The director of rehabilitation and correction is the executive head of the department of rehabilitation and correction.
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