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Example sentences for rehabilitate

Cobb said he would oppose any effort to rehabilitate the stories and the house if it was not done in a critical way.
See photos of this legendary canine and find out how you can help honor his legacy of helping to rehabilitate other dogs.
These unnatural fires don't put themselves out and the lands don't rehabilitate themselves.
The rule of thumb for both researchers boils down to a simple formula: rescue, rehabilitate and return.
He prepared to capture the pup and begin efforts to rehabilitate it for an eventual return to the wild.
In addition, it creates extra problems by using money that could be spent on other things on attempting to rehabilitate militants.
Without a doubt, fearful dogs are more difficult to rehabilitate than aggressive dogs.
He hires hundreds of ex-cons, vowing to rehabilitate them.
Tens of millions of dollars would be needed to rehabilitate the area.
The living turned into a valiant fight to survive and now to rehabilitate.
The center helps rehabilitate orangutans and hopes to return them to the wild.
The first thing he did was rehabilitate the dog and train the owners to become the pack leader.
The government should make sufficient efforts to rehabilitate these local people, villagers, tribes from these forests.
Bat at bugs on a table to rehabilitate arm and shoulder movement: the bugs actually appear only on a head-mounted display.
The system also helps rehabilitate those with traumatic brain injuries.
Those first two ideas might be enough to encourage investors to buy, rehabilitate, and rent lots of distressed properties.
The hoods now placed on inmates in the isolation units at maximum-security prisons are not intended to rehabilitate.
It does so by providing funding for local governments to purchase and rehabilitate foreclosed properties.
If it can rehabilitate the mines and setup new ones then it has a chance.
Now he's using his newfound power to rehabilitate his fiancée's career.
Trying to rehabilitate the public image of skinheads is no easy task.
Did her best to rehabilitate herself against unfairly harsh criticism of her every move.
You're going to rush in and rescue her, rehabilitate her.
Rental property owners may qualify for a low-interest loan to rehabilitate rental property.
Rehabilitate your loan through our loan rehabilitation program.
Projects must be part of a larger plan to rehabilitate and occupy the historic property.
Hill told the website it was too early to gauge the storm's impact on the city's efforts to rehabilitate foreclosed homes.
The center's goal is to rehabilitate sea turtles, conduct necessary research and provide educational programs for the public.
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