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Example sentences for regurgitate

Horses cannot breathe through their mouths, regurgitate food or vomit.
The birds regurgitate a reeking and corrosive vomit as a natural defense.
They regurgitate their food and chew it as cud before final digestion.
There are some animals that all zoology enthusiasts have heard of but can only regurgitate the same old facts about them.
Try and keep one or two things in your head to regurgitate later.
With bellies full of small fish, they will regurgitate a portion for waiting chicks.
It would never regurgitate partisan topics pushed by politically extreme bloggers or cite blogs as it's sources.
Many would simply regurgitate text or phrases they had heard from leadership when asked for an opinion.
Well-fed bats will often regurgitate blood to share with others in exchange for grooming.
The refrigerator was kept locked, they said, out of fear that the boys would overeat and then regurgitate their food.
Six hungry pups set upon the adults, licking furiously at their mouths and demanding that one of the adults regurgitate a meal.
Dun's, but they regurgitate in altered form the notes of others.
And yet they don't mimic or regurgitate the immediate built environment.
Owls swallow their prey whole, then regurgitate the bones, fur and feathers.
Most original ideas come before collage teaches you what can't be done and how to think and regurgitate the right answers.
But you read it, swallowed it wholesale, and now attempt to regurgitate it as gospel.
Back in their dens, bats who have found a meal during the night regurgitate blood into the mouths of bats who have not.
Instead of doing the work, you chose to simply regurgitate the spin from a government agency.
Im sure it will be able to regurgitate the correct weather for walks after a while.
Even a search engine top-rate couldn't a definition regurgitate.
It shows that in their studies, they are not learning to think but learning to regurgitate.
No wonder they are susceptible to the barf they brainlessly regurgitate.
However, coyotes often regurgitate their prey to help feed pack members.
Eight to twelve hours after a meal, an owl will regurgitate or cough up the pellet and drop it to the ground below.
Because they swallow their prey whole or nearly so, owls regurgitate pellets containing undigested parts of their prey.
King rails regurgitate indigestible parts of their food in pellets similar to those of owls.
The early gastrointestinal response of vomiting may be somewhat protective as many persons regurgitate the undigested root.
Faulty or diseased valves sometimes fail to seal, allowing blood to regurgitate.
Several hours after a meal, an owl will regurgitate one of these pellets.
These animals chew their cud or regurgitate partially digested food for further breakdown in the mouth.
At the end of the trial, the snake was manually stimulated to regurgitate, and the remnants of the round goby were weighed.
Some waterfowl feed on the plant and may regurgitate the tubers into other bodies of water.
Afterwards they regurgitate a small pellet containing undigested bones and hair.
The method is called gastric lavage and it is simply an easy method of making the fish regurgitate its stomach contents.

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