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Only recently have scientists and psychologists been able to win regulatory approval for their study.
Thatcher combined key prosecutions with regulatory reform, close monitoring of unions, and heightened supervision of contractors.
Following up on the speech he gave in the same place two years ago, he made a persuasive case for sweeping regulatory reform.
Under the regulatory language, all organic chickens are raised under generic free-range conditions.
Concerns about environmental impacts and regulatory restrictions didn't enter the dreamers' minds.
Even in those days, it was a circus at the regulatory lines.
To see why it is necessary, start by looking at the regulatory options for networks from a politician's point of view.
Non-financial firms with big financial operations do not fit comfortably into the current regulatory framework anywhere.
Rather than question the principle of deregulation, some governments redesigned their regulatory structures.
How companies' good reputations help get them over regulatory hurdles.
Regulatory reform would help restore confidence in our financial markets.
Second, regulatory changes may induce firms to hold more cash.
There are, no doubt, numerous legal and regulatory issues to be overcome for a bail-in to work.
It is unclear how the firm will act once that settlement expires and there is no more formal regulatory monitoring.
One of the first tasks of the single unified body would be to produce a coherent regulatory framework for the industry.
The timetable to design a regulatory environment for privatised utilities is absurdly tight.
As the regulatory field becomes more crowded, so regulation produces echoes in other regulatory bodies.
Prepares financial and statistical information in accordance with applicable accounting, industry and regulatory principles.
The board was concerned about the regulatory burdens and environmental impact of such a facility.
Such changes can be made only through a multiyear regulatory process-or through legislation.
Survey-center staff members understand the increasingly complex regulatory environment throughout our country.
He has worked for a regulatory-writing company and a company that publishes research articles in scientific journals.
My efforts to usher new techniques into the field have been accepted by my peers, but not by many in the regulatory world.
Although scientists identified potential problems decades ago, regulatory changes have been slow to follow.
When each cell develops, it makes a choice determined by the presence or absence of a regulatory protein.
Because absolute certainty is rarely an option, regulatory programs would not be effective if such proof were required.
There has not been any serious effort to conform principles or consolidate regulatory goals.
Although business is increasingly conducted globally, insurance regulatory laws usually do not take this into consideration.
One thing to understand is that the regulatory support structure of the government is designed for that kind of banking.
His arguments are unsound, self-serving, and harmful to economic recovery and financial regulatory reform.
Frankly, the political calculus might be more important to the likelihood of bailout than a new regulatory mechanism.
It moves business overseas to nations with different regulatory regimes.
Others will claim that regulatory uncertainty is preventing more aggressive expansion.
There are times when a regulatory template that works for a large farmer or processor simply cannot work on a small scale.
Regulatory design is sustainability design, and going forward it's pretty fundamental to a sustainable future.
Not to mention the dismantling, in the name of jobs, of the entire regulatory infrastructure of the nation.
It needs permission for rate hikes from a special regulatory commission.
There are three main categories of risk: regulatory, innovation and monetary.
The company's history can serve as a quintessential example of regulatory failure.
On the other hand the random disruptions of regulatory genes of the recipient that may take place are totally uncontrolled.
These are matters that by and large are within the existing competences of national regulatory authorities.
His answer may inspire new pharmaceuticals that harness the brain's own regulatory chemistry to treat mental disorders.
Global capital is really lucky that direct democracy isn't that widespread and that regulatory capture is ubiquitous.
But this new regulatory process could slow the race to get more and more genetic testing into the hands of consumers.
Examples of regulatory elements located distant of the regulated gene are known.
He and others propose that these brain areas form a conscious self-regulatory system.
Further tweaks to regulatory genes in the worm's metabolic pathways have upped its life span sixfold.
They make regulatory factors that interact in highly complex ways.
It's this kind of health scams that made me want to get into the regulatory field.
Randomly poisoning people after approving it with whatever the local medical regulatory body.
Changes in regulatory regions can have profound changes on the structure of an organism.
Veterinarians for pampered pets will soon be in the vanguard of human health care, and the reason is regulatory.
Also, lack of regulatory approval for any of the above leads to costly recalls.
There are even financial and regulatory incentives to offshoring hydrogen generation.
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