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Regulators from several nations patrol and try to limit pirate fishing.
Their tanks are rusted and their regulators are often faulty.
Drip systems must be kept free of debris and require maintenance of pressure regulators, self-cleaning emitters and filters.
Rating agencies have been around for a century, and their ratings have been used by regulators since the thirties.
As the press has noted, the plan would consolidate our myriad and overlapping regulators into fewer, bigger ones.
Shutting a bank down is usually, then, in some sense a judgment call on the part of regulators.
If they can convince the regulators, they may be able to release their tamarisk-eating insects as early as this summer.
When buying and selling are regulated, the first items to be bought and sold are the regulators.
Under the proposed changes, these colleges will be subject to increased scrutiny by government regulators.
The regulators didn't make those simple connections nor did the rating agencies' structural ratings side.
The industry hopes regulators and lawmakers will view the codes as signs that it can regulate itself.
As automakers put more communication technology into cars, regulators must decide if it's safe.
Increased demand for wireless bandwidth is forcing regulators to get creative.
You've been caught in a rolling blackout that state regulators have ordered as a heat wave brings on millions of air conditioners.
Then regulators and inspectors wouldn't be paid off, and instead find the problems and make companies fix them.
Other scientists are studying other cell-cycle regulators with similar properties.
In the regulators don't understand them as well as the users they have no business allowing them to trade.
Regulators must also take into account credit conditions because money and credit do not move in lockstep.
In the case of caviar, the regulators have intervened.
Energy regulators already have some experience creating similarly ingenious carrots.
If hedge funds suddenly become the industry's market makers, for example, then that sector's regulators will take note.
But regulation also creates jobs: the government must hire new regulators, and firms must hire more compliance staff.
And as they become more popular, they're creating some serious headaches for regulators.
With credit default swaps, you hide your leveraged bond position from regulators and investor.
The idea of the shadow banking system was in some way, not only tolerated by regulators, but encouraged by regulators.
These agencies, courts, and regulators need to be operating on all cylinders to have a shot at being effective.
Every once in a while, regulators get a little carried away.
Regulators have few tools and little will to enforce quality standards.
Regulators had looked the other way, or didn't have the authority to stop the bad behavior.
Despite the popular misconception that big tobacco and federal regulators would conflict, the two generally agree.
Such alarmingly high figures sparked regulators and producers to heighten sanitary measures.
They intended to allow for clearing exemptions as regulators see fit.
My guess is that the regulators will probably gum up the markets in ways that are counterproductive.
Energy regulators plan to promote renewables and energy efficiency.
The solution again is to make the tax payer pay for the failure of the regulators whom also the tax payer funded.
Federal fishing regulators have traditionally reacted to falling stocks by putting additional curbs on fishing.
Enthusiasm for unapproved treatments worries regulators.
Seven of the identified genes proved to be potent regulators of a stem cell's ability to split and then renew itself.
Other regulators respond to changing environmental signals, such as the amount of protein or trace metals in the diet.
Truth is, buyers and lenders trusted the regulators.
Among the reasons for the court's decision was the failure of regulators to look into gasification, a cleaner coal technology.
With regulators' approval, power companies can also use time-based pricing, charging customers based on the actual cost of power.
The latter seems to be getting all the attention from the regulators.
Even if regulators share what they have, there are wide gaps in the information needed to make the new policies work well.
In trying to prevent off-balance-sheet lending, regulators may push credit off-off-balance-sheet.
The regulators are making more effort to co-operate.
Regulators can do little to stop this, short of choking off capital going to new technology.
As they weigh their options, pressure will grow on regulators to scrap the reverse-merger structure.
At present, four of the world's six biggest accounting firms are fighting with regulators for the right to merge into two.
Some critics blame the regulators for these troubles.
But naive faith in regulators' powers creates ruinous false security.
If regulators feel they need new powers, there could be no better time to secure them.
Of course the idea of the utility subsidising the borrowing costs of the investment bank annoys politicians and regulators.
But ratings also became a stamp of actuarial approval that often let investors and regulators skimp on their own due diligence.
What scientists and regulators need is truly conclusive scientific evidence.
Federal regulators have declared the technology safe, however.
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