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It controls the ability of the heart to respond to injury and to respond to thyroid hormone, a major regulator of heart function.
He walked into a local scuba shop and recorded his own breathing inside a scuba regulator.
If you appoint an anti-regulator as your enforcer, you know what kind of enforcement you'll get.
The regulator can do the opposite, too: it can unblock the ribosome on command in order to start making that protein.
He has to manage both vomiting and breathing through a regulator.
Because this acts as an effective regulator of wolf population.
Health claims on food products have been an area of contention between manufacturers and the regulator for many years.
Instructors show novices how to breathe into the regulator attached to the air hose and how to equalize ear pressure.
Since then, a federal regulator has controlled their financial decisions.
Regulator targets credit reporting firms and debt collectors.
To the bureau's fans, these provisions are essential to make the regulator truly independent and capable of educating consumers.
Well they might, for astonishingly the nuclear regulator itself has a history of corruption.
But this is a feeble form of accountability which will have to vie with the scrutiny of the independent regulator.
Financial supervisors tend to be sober and calm, but that tale ought to bring any half-competent regulator out in a cold sweat.
It has to be the home regulator that approves the prospectus.
The regulator and governor are shedding no tears over lenders' losses.
It could not have been easy for any regulator to work in this environment.
One can imagine the euro zone eventually taking this route and opting for a common regulator.

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Passion, though a bad regulator, is a powerful spring.... more
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