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All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.
Sweepstakes is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.
Sweepstakes is subject to all applicable federal, provincial, state and local laws and regulations.
One case aside, even the best available fishing equipment and regulations will result in a few stray snags.
Sweepstakes void where prohibited and is subject to all applicable laws and regulations.
Contest is subject to all applicable laws and regulations.
Collection and quarantine regulations would prevent the plants from being sent to other countries quickly.
They were designed that way to comply with federal regulations for headlight height.
Ick factor-powered regulations, however, are blocking treatments.
Domestic content regulations would even out the playing field.
The goal, to address the challenges facing educators of geography, from student apathy to restrictive state regulations.
Many countries have adopted regulations to help protect the environment from damaging mining practices.
But ignoring the regulations won't work in this town as officials take violations seriously.
Regulations determine what type of runoff, and how much, industries are allowed to release.
These regulations vary by region, state, and nation.
Various regulations determine what is allowed and what is prohibited in these areas.
Though they welcome growth, they also accept the regulations, provided such regulations don't hamper the local economy.
Follow the park's safety regulations-your safety is largely up to you.
Regulations do not state how much space the flock must be given or require that the chickens have access to a pasture diet.
New regulations were postponed, and federal audits and program reviews were suspended.
The number of government regulations seems to have reached fever level.
But that faith is needlessly tested by misguided regulations.
But when it came to environmental regulations, the smoke proved too offensive.
The key question in dispute is whether additional regulations are required.
Nonetheless, she was eager to demonstrate the safety of her process and to comply with all regulations.
The bill simply modernises existing regulations, say officials, making no changes in standards.
As with the spread of mobile phones themselves, a lot depends on putting the right regulations in place.
Regulations are ill-suited for transmission across state borders.
But the large corps win because the smaller guys can't afford the regulations.
New regulations have supplanted old regulations to no avail.
As security regulations become more strict for flights, so do the luggage regulations for airline travel.
Smaller, regional rail companies are more hospitable, setting regulations that allow pets to accompany people.
Airlines have varying regulations regarding traveling with pets, but there are some general guidelines.
It is against aviation regulations to take cameras or any loose devices such as cell phones or purses into the plane for the jump.
Any backcountry campers should bone up on these regulations at a visitors center or ranger station or online at the park website.
Stay current with regulations regarding catch and possession limits as well as slot sizes.
After you obtain your fishing license, you must adhere to regulations regarding allowable means of catching fish.
It seems astounding that any one should have questioned the necessity of setting up regulations.
All these different statutory regulations seem to have been made with great propriety.
It is not impossible, therefore, that some of the regulations of this famous act may have proceeded from national animosity.
We have learnt to understand part of the taboo regulations as temptation fears.
They are a compilation of the regulations of many ancient pastors, in some of which the author personates the apostles.
Their ports have been made subject to customs and regulations which have cramped and diminished their trade.
Thanks to new regulations and consumer demand, the market for humanely raised animal products is about to take off.
As sanitary regulations were tightened, students could no longer wash the dishes.
The energy industry is pulling out the stops against proposed government regulations.
The first national regulations to cut greenhouse gas emissions aim to reduce fuel consumption in vehicles.
But many, many other substances remain untouched by safety regulations.
Present regulations are adequate but not optimal, report says.
The regulations can range from labeling and testing requirements to specific restrictions on their production and use.
The debate over regulations of toxic air emissions has been simmering for years.
Expect calls for corporate freedom to take precedence over those for responsible regulations.
The established restaurants are burdened with regulations.
Large cloth manufacturers secured regulations favoring the import of yarn to cut their costs.
Sweepstakes subject to all applicable federal, state, local laws and regulations.
Subject to all federal, state and local laws and regulations.
He regarded himself, for instance, as great- er than the motor-vehicle regulations.
But the new regulations also turned the agencies from opinion-givers into indispensable gatekeepers.
How long the shooting season goes on each year depends on federal regulations, based on summer counts in the breeding areas.
That's why the current reform plans rely instead on a mishmash of regulations, national exchanges, and subsidies.
Regulations have been put into effect limiting the use of manure.
Gambling regulations are crafted to curb adverse social consequences.
Regulations required the crew to sit in a steel container during the show, which was controlled via a laptop computer.
The low cap is representative of how involved the industry has been in determining its own regulations.
And rationally so, because aviation pros can and will skillfully use regulations to their advantage.
Become an instant expert of football's regulations and arcana.
Corruption aside, private companies are exempt from many regulations that would apply to government agencies.
Regulations, privacy and security concerns, and other issues could hold back developments.
Economists and utilities say the draft legislation could help avoid costly regulations.
Complying with these regulations could require social networks to make costly changes to their infrastructure.
The public hears fantastic tales that all is well with the environment and government regulations stifle economic growth.
It did so by enacting responsible and effective regulations.
He had a cardboard gift-wrap tube that was longer than local recycling regulations permitted.
It also would comply with regulations about the transfer and storage of private medical information.
The regulations do not apply to civilians serving in military research and training academies.
The electric power industry regulations have a strong barrier to the development of the resources of the demand side.
The device is subject to the same regulations as any other payment system.
As it stands, the regulations governing genetic tests are a bit muddy.
Their contracts have no provisions for job security or seniority and no regulations controlling the use of pesticides.
It pays to ignore certain regulations, and summoning one's powers to render uniforms loquacious helps create a convivial mood.
There are even regulations against public displays of affection.
Regulations may have unintended adverse consequences.
But the record shows that new regulations can often be evaded.
Guild regulations and the costs of apprenticeships kept laborers below the level of artisans.
The country has enacted regulations that significantly reduce the release of ozone-depleting chemicals.
All three presidential candidates support some form of global warming regulations.
For all the laws and regulations, monitoring the insertion of intelligent design materials in every school is nearly impossible.
As a result of new regulations, the climate for kidney dealers has gotten tougher.
Regulations, meanwhile, are lagging far behind the new scientific possibilities.
Contact your state's department of health for regulations.
If they give higher or lower scores than regulations allow they won't be accepted.
But the mining regulations will be difficult for mountaintop removal projects to meet.
Rather, she says, policymakers should review pollution standards to see if the regulations are protective enough.
All cost estimates are complicated by regulations that vary from region to region.
Frequently asked questions about foreign trade regulations.
Regulations have the effect and enforceability of law and are written in a specific manner.

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