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Consumer advocates say regulation of the credit card industry has long been without teeth.
So it's public regulation to constrain private regulation.
Range feeding sounds easy, but this may require a bit of regulation.
Calls for regulation might sound wimpy in the face of climate-change risks.
We must balance regulation and national-security interests.
Some of the post-9/11 changes have entailed increased regulation.
Regulation could help make sure that geo-engineering is done correctly.
With every economic problem, there seems to be a big push for more regulation.
Regulation focused on open access, on the other hand, protects people's abilities to decide for themselves.
The study said that the latter research should be allowed to proceed under strict regulation.
Nicotine causes changes in gene regulation that enhance the brain's subsequent response to cocaine.
Changes in consumer demand are important for lack of regulation.
Your lengthy quote not only is not taken from the legislation, it's not even from the federal regulation.
The other problem is that the disposal of coal fly ash is currently exempt from federal regulation.
Of course, rising market prices for oil could overcome the cost of regulation and set off a drilling bonanza.
In addition, the agency regularly studies new chemicals that may need regulation.
Pugh is not alone in calling for tighter regulation of spam.
But as the raging debate over for-profits shows, the era of easy money and lax regulation is ending.
But that will prove to be a challenge because the problem is difficult to nail down and defies regulation.
Law and regulation exist to prevent human nature from producing predictably adverse outcomes.
On the contrary, it is about preventing pollution regulation of the oil industry.
Mercifully, the flood of regulation for regulation's sake feared by many has not materialised.
The rider is seated inside the wheel on a regulation motorcycle saddle.
He plans to nominate someone with a background in macroeconomics, another in markets, and a third in regulation.
He is not one of the chorus-he does not stop for any regulation-he is the president of regulation.
In the predicate relation the pronouns respond to a more complex regulation.
Regulation of m2 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor desensitization by phosphorylation.
Regulation-either its presence or its absence-made legal lending possible.
What amount of regulation will create an equal or worse situation is another question.
All of it, if higher-education leaders have their way, will become subject to content-based government regulation.
Two families of molecules perform that kind of genetic regulation.
Not execution, of course, but regulation and compulsion.
The financial industry won some important victories, even if they face significantly heightened regulation.
And, don't worry about regulation either, because the government is reactionary and will side with the public opinion.
The surprise is, this has less to do with direct regulation of pay and more to do with the profitability of the business itself.
There would have been no significant new regulation of the financial industry.
We believe that widespread use of our system worldwide would result in a much desired global temperature regulation and reduction.
Our group is interested in pituitary hormone secretions and their regulation by the circadian system.
But businesses in low-income countries still struggle with twice the burden of regulation as those in high-income countries.
But finance has stumbled and there are growing calls from all sides for bold re-regulation.
Yet regulation, if not a prime suspect, could still be an accomplice.
But three things argue against wholesale regulation.
The second of these approaches is not particularly in need of new regulation.
Second is financial regulation: its flaws have been laid bare, and the summiteers will want to put it right.
The charges also have implications for financial regulation.
The phone-hacking scandal has led to calls for stricter press regulation.
If you know anything about financial regulation you know that there no such thing as lax regulation.
But a combination of regulation and technology has broken media monopolies.
In gambling, the equivalent has always been regulation, regulation and regulation.
The administration has already moved towards separating the regulation of offshore drilling from its encouragement.
Regulation, even in a business as dangerous as banking, should be restrained and targeted.
She charges, though, that such regulation serves the gambling industry more than players.
But those are the only two grounds on which to base a legitimate societal regulation.
But the original text doesn't explicitly state the reasoning behind the regulation.
We can explain the discrepancy a variety of ways: personal preference, taxes, or regulation.
Regulation, however, didn't dampen enthusiasm for the events.
Regulation will slow the for-profits for a time, but they'll adapt.
But without strong mandatory regulation by the world's governments, such initiatives will probably fail.
The amygdala is involved in emotional regulation, especially of fear and aggression.
But he thinks that without better regulation, more algo-gone-wild scenarios are inevitable.
Research has shown that self-awareness helps us improve self-regulation.
The regulation was reasonable, and no one caviled at it.
But it's not clear how much derivatives regulation would have helped any of these three companies.
And, as in the uterus, progesterone's regulation of cell division in the nervous system is complex.
Accountability has been badly undermined, and the need for supervision and regulation has become much stronger.
Changes in gene regulation, not new genes, gave rise to the long-necked giraffe.
The easiest way to protect privacy online might be a regulation that required all sites to provide this feature.
In the rest of the world, that's no debate: inadequate and inconsistent financial regulation is uniformly blamed.
The government's record at pay regulation is not encouraging.
It took note of a marker of psychological and emotional health called self-regulation.
Capitalism needs regulation, but that structure needs to be simple and focused on providing basic human rights.
They want nothing less than a new system of regulation that locks in a rate of return, provided they meet performance standards.

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