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Geoduck fishing is heavily regulated, with harvests strictly limited-a perfect recipe for mischief.
Whatever the answer, these questions can never be fully regulated by authority, whether the state or the parent.
The question is not whether it should be regulated, but how and to what ends.
The civil service can never be placed on a satisfactory basis until it is regulated by law.
We believe that regulated beetle collecting by local people-and, in time, beetle farming-could actually help slow this process.
In order for the body and its organs to function properly, cell growth needs to be strictly regulated.
Unfortunately, after decades of poorly regulated fishing, menhaden are in serious trouble.
The process is regulated by the state, which monitors when water levels are too low.
Writer discusses another example of the power law distribution in the way that auto emissions are regulated.
The financial system that will emerge from the current crisis will probably be smaller and more regulated.
We know little about how placental development is regulated.
Instead, she decided to seek out a simpler form of the disease, one regulated by a single gene.
Its distribution is also tightly regulated due to its close ties to nuclear technology.
Much of the rest of the by-products are in carefully regulated products such as pharmaceuticals.
When buying and selling are regulated, the first items to be bought and sold are the regulators.
Because that little label means that it is not really regulated.
Income from regulated logging would be enough to fund this project completely.
So, as with any outlawed or heavily regulated resource, a bustling underground trade has formed.
He stuck it on the two plates that regulated the magnetic field on the right side of the vault door and unscrewed their bolts.
Few people have thought about how this should be regulated in real life yet.
The innovation side should never be regulated in any way.
Had they done so, people might have asked why it was not regulated.
He believed that regulation would only impede these markets, and that they should continue to be self-regulated.
It regulated interest rates, including setting a rate of zero on demand deposits.
But the pay-outs are contingent on meeting a state-regulated standard of patriotism.
Free market advocates claim that the less a market is regulated, the more it can flourish.
Also, many electric utilities are highly regulated, which is good news and bad.
Apple has a well-regulated app store where it approves and monitors all the available apps.
The apparent motion is regulated mechanically through slots in moving discs.
Songbirds sing to entice mates, and the timing of those songs is often regulated by sunlight.
In other words, the enzymes do not get saturated or down-regulated by extra tryptophan.
When markets will have been regulated to ban speculation, the economy will become logical and markets will become stable again.
Reproduction was tightly regulated by a eugenics system known as stirpiculture.
Industries affecting public safety, such as medicine and aviation are highly regulated.
In my simulation, it's regulated by a lack of raw materials.
Pharmaceutical companies are regulated by the food and drug agency.
The court did not define which waterways are regulated, and judicial districts have interpreted the court's decisions differently.
Acts that can be regulated should not be criminalised.
But not all regulated firms are monopolists or polluters.
The regulated banking sector has the little guy for its clients.
Games are treated as media content and heavily regulated.
Journalism cannot be regulated as medicine or law can: anybody must be free to report, comment and criticise.
Both are highly regulated markets that court consumers directly.
They are heavily regulated and often run by governments or charities.
Tidy, well-regulated shops would line the streets, with trees and parks as green oases between them.
Now that credit cards are as vital to life as telephony or electricity, they will be regulated as such.
As a result, the sands have only been lightly regulated.
Back then, with fares regulated, airlines competed on everything from steaks cooked-to-order to stewardesses' hemlines.
Yet if politicians were more honest, they would admit that a tightly regulated financial sector will produce less growth.
He could not come up with a convincing explanation of how they ought to be regulated.
Most derivatives will now be traded through regulated clearinghouses, so markets can see what they're worth and who's at risk.
First, the lightly regulated global financial system that has evolved over the past three decades is dangerously fragile.
They found that it was more toxic and less regulated than they'd ever suspected.
They regulated global economic affairs with a swiftness and decisiveness that governments couldn't match.
But the industry is growing too big to ignore, and there are signs that it might not stay lightly regulated for much longer.
He expects the unofficial market will eventually be regulated, curbing the potential for instant windfalls.

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