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No, the kidneys help regulate blood pressure through hormonal means which manage salt and water balance in the blood.
There is likely to be an even bigger fight over the proposal to regulate financial derivative products.
It can regulate the amount of nicotine, and how it is marketed, but that is all.
The business cycle should not affect the choice to regulate.
Caffeine would be expected to have this effect on any animals that used these neurotransmitters to regulate their heartbeat.
Ceiling fans can help regulate indoor temperature, making it more comfortable with less energy in summer, winter or in between.
May help lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar.
It would consolidate federal agencies that regulate the country's securities and commodities futures markets.
The university's policy violates a state law that says only the legislature can regulate firearms, the appellate court ruled.
The public has more than one interest in the good governance of corporations and may regulate in favour of its interests.
They regulate the populations of other animals and also provide an important food source.
But there are right ways and wrong ways to regulate and police industry.
The beneficial bacteria in it is supposed to help regulate the natural fungi-bacteria balance in their digestive systems.
Many of these seemingly non-functional sequences have since been found to regulate gene activity.
The details of how best to regulate debt-to-income ratios are not, however, straightforward.
Scientists think their large back fins were used to regulate body temperature.
In addition to hormones, there are other chemicals that can be used to regulate gene expression.
They supported free-market financial innovation, arguing that free markets could regulate themselves.
Adult rattlesnakes, unlike juveniles, are able to regulate the amount of venom in their bites.
The program illustrates the absurdity of attempting to regulate any technology that can be coded up as bits.
Clearly the market cannot regulate itself when millions and billions in bonuses and profits are at hand.
Lizards are cold-blooded animals and regulate their body temperature by basking in the sun.
In some scenarios tides regulate climate by counteracting tilt, in others it doesn't matter.
Mouse performance can be adjusted to regulate battery life.
Pneumonia in his right lung can be seen as clearly as the pacemaker implanted to regulate the rhythm of his heart.
These dendritic spines provide more neuronal surface and are believed to regulate inter-neuronal commerce.
And the public had already begun to lose trust in the government-industrial complex to regulate itself adequately.
Lawmakers are worried about how they will regulate the tribal casinos internally.
Clouds help to regulate temperature by reacting to oppose change.
Last year, there were big protests over draconian new laws to regulate market traders.
Tapping into the ground offers another option to regulate household heating and cooling.
Well, without some kind of data about effects there is nothing to regulate.
He is also working on a plan to build small dams on mountain lakes to regulate river levels.
And some help regulate the activities of other cells in the immune system.
Scientists have yet to understand its function, but believe it may help the animal regulate its buoyancy.
Many biological processes depend on the ability of ion channels to regulate the flow of ions through cellular membranes.
Besides defense, this lizard's colorful frill may be used to help regulate body temperature.
Which strongly implies that the ability to regulate electrolytes is a big reason we're here.
Such a designation would regulate commercial traffic, fishing and tourism.
We, at the agency, will still have the ability to regulate and get tough.
Intact ecosystems also help regulate our weather and climate.
Waist adjustment tabs allow you to customize your fit, while inner-tight venting let's you regulate your temperature.
Quotas are easy to administer and regulate but are based on population estimates that are often wrong.
But so far it's been easier to regulate watermen than pollution.
It's believed to act on sigma receptors, which can regulate the cough reflex.
They do not eat as often as mammals, which can regulate their own body temperature and have a faster metabolism.
The government is suddenly paying attention-but its urge to regulate is pulling it in two different directions.
Tiny holes in the bladder regulate the rate of escape.
Equipped with a focusing mechanism to regulate the beam from a tight spot to a wide flood.
Critics say that by pushing the trade underground, this has made it harder to regulate.
They even want us to hold off strong legislation and allow them to self regulate.
But a private club, including a private school, can regulate itself in a wide variety of ways.
No federal or state legislation is currently proposed to ban or regulate it.
Evolution may have piggybacked brain functions that regulate social interaction on top of a more primal pain system.
They control other predators, and by doing so, they regulate species with which they never directly interact.
Soluble fiber can help lower blood pressure and regulate blood sugar.
It blocks ultraviolet rays, and helps regulate heat loss and gain year-round.
The two enzymes work in tandem to regulate the production of nitric oxide, a gas that relaxes blood vessels.
Minerals provide building materials for the body and help regulate its activities, much as proteins do.
The only way to break this pattern was for the government to step in and regulate the moneymen.
But trans fats are worse: they wreak havoc with the body's ability to regulate cholesterol.
Scientists are not sure how the insects regulate this process to turn their lights on and off.
Scientists have proposed several ways that the world's oceans might be able to regulate sea-surface temperatures.
Makos are able to regulate their body temperature, keeping themselves warmer than the surrounding waters.
Many laws regulate variation, some few of which can be dimly seen, and will hereafter be briefly discussed.
Conventions were established from the first to regulate the rights of the individual and the tribe.
Those which regulate the degree of tension of the vocal folds.
If true charity animate our souls it will regulate and sanctify all our actions.
The only immediate utility of all sciences, is to teach us, how to control and regulate future events by their causes.
Whenever the law has attempted to regulate the wages of workmen, it has always been rather to lower them than to raise them.
The use of travelling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.
Researchers can exploit enhancers in experiments by fusing a known enhancer to a gene that they want to regulate.
Moreover, the agency also stated that even if it did have the power to regulate such gases, it would not do so.
And some of the genes that regulate the cell cycle can also function as oncogenes.
Nearly all computers, for example, contain a quartz-crystal clock to regulate their operation.
Such a system could have helped the animal regulate its body temperature by dissipating heat.
The agency, which deemed that cloned meat poses no extra risk, wants to regulate engineered animals as it does drugs.
The field may actively help regulate how the brain functions, especially during deep sleep.
Compartmentalize and regulate reactions with membranes then use receptor sites to regulate the membranes.
They may have had a hollow bone breathing system that also helped regulate their internal temperature.
It is also harder to understand, predict, and regulate.
He mentioned it to show how people use taboo words and to advance the argument that the government should not regulate them.
We're not talking about trying to regulate life excessively.
Of the many attempts that have been made to regulate language usage one way or another, some have succeeded and some have failed.
The older kind sought to regulate how, where, and by whom firearms could be carried.
Pacemakers cannot regulate the wild, unbridled yearnings of the heart.
Try to regulate the food industry overnight and you'll fail.
There's a possibility that whoever comes in to regulate these markets anew will be able to parse what's useful from what's not.
The public is now expecting every sport to regulate itself.
In fact, some of the key industries he proposed to regulate are giving him a whole lot of cabbage.
Chronic stress may also affect the physiologic systems that regulate weight by increasing cortisol levels.
Resist any temptation to standardize and overly regulate higher education in the name of accountability.
Governments then regulate niches where major harms are being done.
Various federal, state, and local laws regulate the questions a prospective employer can ask you.
As the financial crisis deepens, calls to re-regulate the world's financial industry are growing louder.
Besides, regulators regulate markets and maintain standards.
Financial protectionism has grown since the credit crisis as governments re-regulate financial firms and markets.
The board's job is to regulate the accounting industry-in effect, to audit the auditors.
Fewer such codes regulate the behaviour of other governments' officials.
During that time the task will be to re-regulate finance.
Many holes can be picked in their pledges to reflate the world economy and re-regulate global finance.
Huge strides have been made in trying to re-regulate finance.
The three governments have long disagreed over how to regulate finance.
We have lost the ability to self-regulate, at all levels of the society.
Governors and state legislators are withdrawing state funds from universities that they continue to regulate.
Some major reorganization must have occurred in the developmental program that this patch helps to regulate.
They are inherently the sort of activity that someone has to regulate.
Our elected officials may, for political reasons or from genuine conviction, choose to regulate a technology.
Smart grids are suppose to allow utilities to regulate their consumers demand by turning off pieces of equipment.
Soon, there will be laws that regulate big data and restrict the kind of data mining research that can be performed on them.
That's why calls to regulate the online labour market need to be carefully judged.
Some of these can act as anticancer agents because they regulate the activation of immune cells.
They tend to operate in groups and networks, and they can regulate each other's expression.
Another is to identify ways to interfere with the mechanisms that spur mutation or regulate gene expression.
Zeroing in on the molecular switches that regulate hair growth.
Snakes rely on external heat to regulate their body temperature, and their size depends directly on the climate where they live.
The discovery implies that acetylation helps regulate how the body gets its energy.
Neurons in the hippocampus regulate the response to stress hormones by making special receptors.
They lose the ability, in other words, to regulate their genes and remain differentiated.
For instance, the needles regulate how much water reaches the ground.
We see the evolution of higher rates of apoptosis as a way to regulate the size and number of propagules produced.
Natural viruses carry molecular switches that regulate their genes, but engineered viruses need help.
The feedback loop creates bubbles and the larger they are, the more difficult it becomes to recognize and regulate them.
But the decision to regulate which bulbs consumers can use has drawn some criticism.

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