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Because of their demands, her hibernation won't be as deep as usual, and she'll wake regularly to check on them.
Keep watering them regularly if you want to grow them larger.
Though commercial growers fertilize regularly, many home growers find that their trees require only minimal feeding.
They went mushroom- and berry-picking regularly and had giant crawfish feasts whenever they could.
Typically, you shouldn't need more than five folders on your desktop for files you use regularly.
As long as the tree is fed regularly, such soils shouldn't be a problem.
With repeat-flowering kinds, deadhead spent blooms regularly, cutting back several inches to a five-leaflet leaf.
To keep potted herbs healthy fertilize and water them regularly.
Don't plant anything that will need to be pruned regularly.
Check plants regularly to make sure the spray is still coating the leaves.
Water plants regularly the first year to get them established.
After planting, water the bowls regularly and feed weekly with half-strength fish emulsion.
Maybe even for psychological comfort in a space you regularly frequent.
Be sure to monitor them and remove stray growth regularly.
Water newly planted wisterias regularly for the first year or two, until the plant is well established.
Also, regularly clean up and discard fallen fruit, since it might harbor diseases and pests.
As a watermelon ripens and develops its mature color, check the curly tendril that emerges from the stem end regularly.
Here is yet another good reason to brush your teeth regularly.
Doctors routinely urge their patients to quit smoking and exercise regularly.
People who meditate regularly feel an enviable sense of calm.
The index is based on how many residents are overweight, how many smoke and how many exercise regularly.
There's no simpler or more effective way than to wash your hands regularly.
He regularly stumps for the technology at energy conferences, where audiences bubble with curiosity at its many merits.
The growers connected regularly to the website to check the status of their vineyards.
In ancient times, religious leaders regularly used hallucinogenic plants in an attempt to communicate with the gods.
One intriguing perceptual shift is coming from those who regularly observe our closest kin, the chimpanzees, and other monkeys.
Those who exercised regularly said they felt more productive and were able to accomplish more during their time working.
These neurons do not correspond to a specific location but become active across several regularly spaced points in any setting.
To measure sublimation, one has to regularly weigh samples of ice in situ.
The key is to regularly scope in and out of the system in a a time series way of studies.
There were a handful of recognizable contributors that communicated regularly.
Scientists regularly have to rely on a few dated observations of questionable veracity.
In fact, regularly stepping back from the project at hand can be essential to success.
Anyone who wants to follow the debate about the global financial crisis should visit it regularly.
Health experts regularly lambast them for peddling food that makes people fat.
Meanwhile, design and performance goals became moving targets that the contractors regularly changed.
Other metro lines remained open, with trains running regularly.
They stick with the same employer for years, rather than regularly returning to the jobs market.
It regularly writes letters to companies urging them to improve their corporate governance.
Such disclosures would have to be updated regularly, thus advertising any changes in a firm's sense of its own vulnerabilities.
More prosaically any animal, regardless of how social it is, would presumably prefer not to have to move house regularly.
Participants are drug-tested often, and appear regularly before a judge, who sanctions or rewards them for their behaviour.
In a lifetime packed with servants, this was the only meal she regularly cooked.
Lower heat, return pan to stove, and stir regularly for an hour.
Restaurant workers regularly filter and reuse the oil in the deep fryer, and home cooks can recycle cooking oil, too.
Hurricanes regularly surprise observers with their mood shifts.
The gorillas visit the area regularly to eat aquatic herbs, some of which are high in sodium.
Over millions of years these climatic shifts may have regularly spawned events that give rise to new mammal species.
Check this site regularly for more video dispatches.
Blown-apart sails are cut away and sent down regularly for repair.
Weather agencies regularly share the information that those flights gather.
At that time, the river regularly flooded the canyon floor, keeping it largely devoid of vegetation.
Turn the compost pile every few days to two weeks, and moisten regularly with water.
If you use drainage holes, you will need a tray to catch drippings, and you will need to clear holes regularly to avoid clogs.
Change the air filters regularly and have the unit serviced as recommended by the manufacturer.
Seabirds, particularly albatrosses and petrels, regularly grab the baited hooks.
Servicing and adjusting heaters and stoves regularly reduces their emissions.
It regularly ranks among the world's happiest countries.
And it is doubtful if there were any regularly educated attorneys who practiced in the courts of the colony during its existence.
It is important to check back to this page regularly.
The campaign regularly blasted them out to millions of people.
He wrote regularly on the various dailies of that city.
After this first discharge of their rage they proceeded more regularly.
He was under no professional sense of duty to look up and verify his references, and he regularly omitted to do it.
Out of her own earnings she bought a mop and regularly scrubbed the lawyer's office.
These contractions occur regularly and at the rate of about seventy per minute.
The students have been taught to bathe as regularly as to take their meals.
Visit the museum again to see regularly changing exhibits.
It remains a fixture of museum exhibitions and appears regularly in print.
Dinosaurs regularly popped up during my early elementary school education.
Participate on committees, attend extracurricular events, and eat lunch regularly in the campus cafe.
We also exercise regularly, and he has quit smoking.
The semester is starting and you need to get back to your regularly scheduled programming, literally and figuratively.
Student soloists compete and perform regularly across the region, and many faculty maintain active performing schedules.
Pastors would regularly introduce me to the church at the conclusion of the service and ask me to say a few words.
They also regularly share information, power, and authority.
Pension checks would soon arrive regularly, the amount calculated by a formula based upon years of service and final salary.
There, the police regularly stop people and demand to see their papers.
People who do not go home regularly are considered to have written themselves out of the family.
We'll see if that happens with the more regular contests-if people hone their skills by writing captions more regularly.
We regularly ignore the fact that the thirst for vengeance is among the strongest of human emotions.
Seventy per cent of patients suffering from glaucoma risk blindness because they don't use their eyedrops regularly.
Only a few thousand people used it regularly, but their names were conveniently printed in a single directory.
If you read this blog regularly, then chances are you care about science and about writing.
People with autism are regularly lumped together and treated as a single group.
Neuroscientists these days regularly make spectacular discoveries about how the brain gets sick.
They have individual spirits, but they believe that they have seen these spirits, and they believe they see them regularly.
Regularly people ask me in the comments details as to the variables, or a more explicit elaboration of the methods.
He is active on the lecture circuit, writes regularly, and has instant access to a wide array of top-tier policymakers.
On top of the regularly tiring aspects of traveling, this led to me being quite exhausted.
Donors must regularly undergo ultrasound and blood tests to monitor their developing oocytes.
If used for short trips and recharged regularly at a household outlet, it would use no gasoline at all.
They would both regularly work non-stop through the night often forgetting to sleep or eat food.
If an aspen grove does not regularly experience fire or some other disturbance, its days are numbered.
Anecdotally it has long been said that regularly wearing high heels shortens the calf muscle.
The toxins are so subtly attuned to biochemical nuances that pharmaceutical companies regularly study them in search of new drugs.
For example, regularly stroking a plant on its stalk stunts its vertical growth yet makes the stalk grow thicker.
One of the surprises to come out this work is that planets are regularly kicked out of these systems by slingshot effects.
But current methods for testing these proteins are too expensive and require too much blood to be performed regularly.
The software keeps up a running conversation, making the system answer questions regularly to stay connected.
Communities regularly merge and create new groups of ideas.
It disappears regularly at night and sometimes during the day.
Soon users realized that the available data could inform them regularly of conditions that they chose to monitor.
The state regularly makes choices about what to promote or endorse based on judgments about morality.
Berg should be played more regularly but is hardly unknown.
The same kinds of events recur regularly, and they never provoke criticism.
They were all religious, prayed regularly, and observed a strict form of the hijab.
GS employees are eligible to earn annual premium pay for regularly scheduled standby duty.
No regularly scheduled elections for this year back to top.
Ineffective equipment, malfunctioning measuring apparatuses, and leaky parts were said to be regularly overlooked or ignored.
Audiences have lost the feeling for revelation and challenge that vital pop art once regularly provided.
Since my father was not one of the eldest sons, he was not in a position to see his father regularly.
Workers regularly walked in and out of the tent, to eat or to seek shelter from the noonday sun.
He regularly managed to walk past the door to my apartment building.
Since toilet leaks are generally silent, check for them regularly by removing the tank cover and adding food coloring.
One afternoon his aircraft was grounded because the pilot he regularly flew with had an ear problem.
Your kids are regularly jumping out of moving cars and plummeting down cliffs.
Although we're talking regularly on the phone, the letters continue.
He is a pilot and regularly flies throughout the world both in and out of combat.
Her smile could raise welts, and her dinner-table conversation regularly drew blood, some as blue as her own.

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