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Meanwhile, new reports keep coming along with alarming regularity, highlighting the dangers of these unregulated chemicals.
Nor does any scientist conduct science on the premise that there is no order, regularity, structure or design in nature.
The suggested regularity or seasonality of one and possibly of another that failed early due to fire damage is not conclusive.
Look at the rest of the world, where violence has more or less become a regularity in people's lives.
Most regularity in nature evolved for one of two reasons.
It remains to be seen whether even small sequences can be extracted from ancient fossils with any regularity, experts say.
The first case of such a check on the pleasure-principle is perfectly familiar to us in the regularity of its occurrence.
In his last years, when his mind had given way, he was seen to pursue his devotions with great regularity.
Contradiction of the thesis that all dreams are the fulfillments of wishes is raised by my patients with perfect regularity.
Contradiction of the thesis that all dreams are the fulfilments of wishes is raised by my patients with perfect regularity.
But his exact regularity and uniformity of life, with a continued practice of interior self-denials, was the best mortification.
With some regularity and more work, he can correct that.
New buildings emerge on the skyline with regularity.
Different eruptive patterns have continued with regularity to the present day.
Occasional rain showers occur during the dry season, but the intensity and regularity of showers are greatly diminished.
The geyser is so named due to the regularity and predictability of its eruptions.
If you travel by plane with any regularity, then probably not you.
Even the basic demand for regularity can be daunting.
They probably could have, but it does not appear that they did so with any regularity.
It is played with some regularity by more ambitious percussion ensembles, and several recordings of it are available.
Indeed, the life insurer does so well with such regularity that its virtues draw notice only when everyone else is in convulsions.
Within a few simple lines it manages to tame the seemingly chaotic world of matter into a reliable regularity.
Since then they have changed hands with some regularity.
Financial crises seem now to happen with almost monotonous regularity.
Unlike free verse, their behaviour has some rhythm and regularity.
Financial problems had emerged with sickening regularity.
Governments have evaded or ignored their obligations under these treaties with depressing regularity.
Inconvenient people have been dying with alarming regularity.
Parcels and letters from home reached the lines with surprising regularity.
But the story of how badly he is treated gets trotted out with monotonous regularity.
The regularity with which the irregular verbs creep in is a recurring cause for a regular headache.
We stab, shoot, and beat each other with regularity.
It is a little remarkable, the regularity with which political cycles recur.
They come with an eerie regularity, ten already, and they are alone.
He used to fax me quick missives with some regularity.
Of all the things humans eat with any regularity, bears come closest to being us.
That's such a long time that they are effectively immune to regularity and are unlikely to change.
The only humans they see with any regularity are corrections officers.
Then what would be perceived as a law of motion would be simply a random regularity in the motion of matter.
A-bye-and-bye, he observed a regularity and a similarity in these trenches.
What's curious about these events is that they seem to occur with alarming regularity.
Some of those warming periods appear to display a regularity, suggesting a completely different conclusion.
Villages and towns have been demolished and rebuilt with dogged regularity for centuries.
Then as the air speed is increased further the regularity of the pattern of vortices is lost, and the flow begins to be turbulent.
Such excesses have popped up with some regularity for a few years, but the consequences for rule breaking are getting harsher.
And, of course, a tendency to go to the theater with disproportionate regularity.
Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.
They relate geometry to algebra by using coordinate geometry to determine regularity, congruence, and similarity.

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