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Set up routine automatic electronic transfers to those accounts from your regular account.
He is keen on family mission statements and regular meetings for a family to discuss its common goals.
Regular exercise may also help establish regular bowel movements.
It would give the country a regular global event, creating jobs and services.
Although doctors recommend regular exercise to maintain a healthy heart, long-term athletic training comes with risks.
Regular adherence to one's meds is probably a marker for healthy behavior in general.
We test all our baking recipes in both regular and convection ovens.
To-morrow night may be said to be the first of the regular theatrical season.
The interspersing layers of ash show they were a regular occurrence.
Generally, the flavor of blood oranges is tarter than that of regular juice or navel oranges.
If you're mostly listening at your desk or walking around town, go for a regular earbud.
College students on athletic scholarships are not regular students.
What is at risk of being lost is not the regular season, but rather the extended pre-season.
Regular meditation may increase smarts and stave off aging, according to an ongoing study.
Super deep formed diamonds might be rare but regular diamonds really aren't.
All perform best in full sun or light shade and appreciate regular water.
Reusable space shuttles are already making regular sojourns, taking squads of astronauts back and forth into low-level orbit.
Testing will begin in spring training, pause for the regular season and then resume.
Drive into almost any gas station these days and you find leaded and unleaded, regular and super, ethanol and methanol.
In addition, the computer asked the participant to rate his or her satiety at regular intervals during the meal.
Some, however, are heavy feeders and need regular fertilizing throughout the growing season.
Regular cleaning brightens the carpet and removes the stains.
The regular bacteria were also better able to stick to cultured human cells.
One of the earliest experiments showed that a regular array of atoms could diffract an electron beam.
Team members will post regular expedition dispatches updating audiences on their progress and their findings.
In this scenario, grains would become a regular part of the diet much later in history.
Takes partial shade and regular water add to my plant list.
Brine found in the impact structure contained roughly twice as much salt as regular seawater, the researchers say.
Best in partial shade and with regular water, but grows well under a wide range of conditions.
Requires regular water, cool temperatures more add to my plant list.
With regular watering and periodic feeding with fish emulsion, the plants thrived.
Drought tolerant, but look better with regular water.
Erect, medium-size fan palms with straight trunk and regular form.
Use soaker hoses or a regular hose set for a slow soak.
It's ready to eat in three- quarters the time it takes to cook regular brown rice.
Definitely adding this one to my regular reading list.
Once established, these plants are highly drought tolerant, but quickly adapt to regular lawn watering.
Plant them where they'll get full sun and regular water.
They use regular airlines, so they're as safe or unsafe as regular airlines are.
Here's a great way to make cardboard cutouts of pretty much any size from a regular digital image.
Find or create a writing group made up of people who can give you feedback, encouragement, and regular deadlines.
It can be built into the bottom of a container ship in two weeks during regular dry-dock maintenance.
Because the antiviral effect of the chimaera lasts only about a week, patients would need to have regular injections.
It also tells us that there are no brakes, and that they are faster than regular street-skates.
Data will also be made available to the larger public-opinion research community on a regular basis.
Kalam and his friends have been in regular telephone contact with their families.
He produces regular reports ranking both law and philosophy programs.
Any diesel engine can burn it with less soot than regular diesel.
Cobb won the first photography contest she entered and has been a regular winner ever since.
Withstands neglect and poor light but responds quickly to better light, regular watering and fertilizing add to my plant list.
Regular burning in some areas is preventing forest regeneration.
Citizen scientists can help by reporting their own shark observations on a regular basis.
Used in regular communications, these devices would allow messages to be transmitted around the world.
The other group continued with their regular activities for six months.
Can survive an occasional missed irrigation but look better with regular moisture.
The drawings he makes are the bug size equivalent of regular art and so he makes miniature masterpieces.
Regular green and white chard looks presentable in flower garden, and multi-colored chard looks even better add to my plant list.
It has to have become a regular practice before the stress arises.
Keep your tires properly inflated, get regular tuneups and change your air and oil filters.
Provide good drainage, especially if plant receives regular water.
The slow quakes are so subtle that regular seismometers can't detect them, and people on land can't feel them.
In hot desert, provide some shade and regular summer water add to my plant list.
Regular visible matter is made up of protons, neutrons, and other subatomic particles collectively called baryons.
Regular patrons know to ask for the daily specials, which typically feature the freshest ingredients.
Can take considerable drought but produces better fruit with regular moisture.
She makes regular oceanographic trips to sea in one of the station's small boats.
Her father comes in and goes out at regular intervals, in sheer nervousness.
The regular chronometer movement, because of its delicacy, is out of the question for rough land or water travel.
Suppositories or gentle laxatives, such as milk of magnesia liquid, may establish regular bowel movements.
Nothing looks weird about this when one of the words is a regular verb to begin with.
For efficiency, compact fluorescent lamps are an admirable replacement for regular light bulbs.
Payments under such schemes are usually made separately from regular salary payments.
The need to meet regular payments imposes a discipline on corporate executives, ensuring they keep a lid on costs.
Many start out as subsistence farmers and are among the first in their families to earn a regular wage.
Despite regular reviews of the retail market, public trust in the utilities is weak.
Even so, the main effect was a change in the distribution of pay between regular salaries and performance-related bonuses.
Such semi-regular instability is not experienced in temperate climes, and it has deep repercussions.
In mice, as in people, regular exercise helps prevent diabetes.
Ethanol can be dispensed at regular petrol stations and works, within limits, in today's cars.
That's because companies top up these reserves at a curiously regular rate.
It also provided him with membership of a club from which his father was forever blackballed: the club of regular guys.
Deprived of regular income, many homeowners are falling behind with their mortgage payments.
But voters' ability to throw the rascals out at regular intervals is still the indispensable sine qua non.
Critics ask why voters need to recall somebody they can simply vote out of office in the next regular election.
But more and more, they are finding ways to get regular citizens involved.
When a positron encounters its regular opposite, an electron, both are destroyed in a shower of new particles.
The body makes it by growing tiny mineral crystals in a highly regular crystal lattice.
They have plenty of rhythm, but they are accustomed to more regular meter, the music's underlying beat.
Once delivery begins on a regular basis, monthly issues should arrive in a routine manner.
Until that report, the regular making of tools for hunting and killing mammals had been considered uniquely human behavior.
Taking regular doses of antimalarial drugs can have long-term side effects, such as hearing loss and liver and kidney damage.
We'll add books to our library on a regular basis, so keep checking back.
Abalone farming is seen as one way of diminishing the crisis, as it could provide a regular supply for the heavy demand.
It's there as a constant reminder to do a little bit of regular activity.
Regular exercise leads to numerous and varied physiological changes that are beneficial from a health standpoint.
They paid their doctor a small but regular fee to keep them healthy.
Plant operators who accept drilling wastewater simply dilute it with regular sewage and then discharge it into water bodies.
Regular physical activity can help control blood lipid abnormalities, diabetes and obesity.
Lite beer seemed less problematic than regular beer or ale.
They are to regular conductors what a laser beam is to a light bulb.
Now a study shows that they really only have the regular old five true fingers.
It is easy to generate and does not need the regular cleaning the light bulbs need.
We think you can guess what he might bring to your fantasy squad, if he gets regular playing time on the fourth line.
About half of families saving for college make regular contributions to some type of savings vehicle.
He was also a regular television and radio commentator.
For six months they had been trying to conceive, and still her period was as regular as the tide.
But they found that the robots wouldn't fit into the regular museum.
Holding me back were my lack of savings and my fear of sacrificing a regular paycheck.
On a much-too-regular basis, the disease serves me up with a teasing special of the day, or a flavor of the month.
These and other homegrown conspiracies were foiled by regular police work.
If you are a regular reader of this weblog, please consider filling out the survey.
Alternative life could look similar to regular microbes but with different biochemistry.
Somewhere in the brain, a regular series of pulses was being generated.
Then he took their levels again after a month of regular play.
The second is crosshatched to form a series of regular triangles.
Then he took levels again after a month of regular play.
Photonic crystals have the regular lattice structure of natural crystals.
The first attempts at creating flying cars were fairly simple-install an airplane engine and two wings on a regular car.
At each site, the researchers took samples at regular intervals above and below the level where hand axes were found.
It could answer questions about quantum mechanics that are currently far too complicated for a regular computer to field.
She had taken her time-she liked the rhythm of her regular chores, the high space under the barn roof, the smells.
Long a regular on the conference circuit, she is often found in the sorts of places that require lanyards.
Kristen, who is nineteen, was not a regular on the beauty-pageant circuit.
The material is up to five times as efficient as regular platinum.
Since then, various studies have actually measured the number of people an individual can maintain regular contact with.
While container ships tend to follow regular schedules, the movement of bulk dry carriers and oil tankers is much less regular.
Clipped onto a belt or carried in a knapsack, the entire generator is contained within a regular battery casing.
Orchards, after all, have been planted in regular rows for centuries.
He demonstrates against his own arm hair how it cuts as smoothly as a regular razor.
Because these junctions are relatively large and tend to have a regular structure, it is easy to see when things go wrong.
In regular silicon, each photon will knock loose only one electron to contribute to electric current.
Tiny photosensors embedded in regular clothes record movement.
Around midday, the cooling mode kicks in, and the device shuts off the building's regular air conditioner for a six-hour cycle.
Online, it is easy to track whether people who click on an ad buy anything or become regular customers.
Or those with physical disabilities or injuries which make regular strenuous exercise difficult or impossible.
The swap would be performed by technicians, but it should not take longer than a regular gasoline fill-up.
Bulls won three of four regular-season games last season and first-round playoff matchup.
Continuing your regular activities is a good idea, but stop the activity that triggered the pain in the first place.
Find barley in either regular or pearled form, which has had more of its bran removed my steaming and polishing.
And they are--which often leads dieters to eat more of them than regular cookies and then wonder why they're not losing weight.
Some of the blogs on the list are gone or no longer have regular posts.
They're not quick release and are too small for regular bike frames.

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