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Linear regression revealed a positive correlation in amygdala size with both social network size and complexity.
The best explanation of this result is regression to the mean.
But he will be thinking about what she is thinking, leading to an infinite regression.
Infinite regression, circular reasoning, reduction to absurdity.
Infinite regression, circular reasoning and absurdity.
Researchers didn't know why-perhaps regression to the mean, they suggested.
Wise, yes, but it is after this role that this progression of roles actually diverges into a regression of roles.
Instead, it's a kind of implicit regression based on all the stories a publication has produced.
But multiple regression does not provide grounds for causal attribution, any more than bivariate correlation does.
The difference allows them to run a regression to see how much the extra military spending boosted the economy.
Here, as elsewhere, regression to the mean is a fact of social life.
The same regression has affected even countries that appeared to take the boldest steps toward change.
But sometimes, especially when the price is right, regression is an option.
Joy had a past life regression done and it was clear that she didn't believe for a second that she was remembering a past life.
Regression to mean doesn't seem particularly satisfying as an explanation when the results meet the standard statistical tests.
Estimating fish body condition with quantile regression.

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