registry in a sentence

Example sentences for registry

The trend toward multiple showers means that a guest may return to a couple's registry several times.
Conveniently for the couple and the guests, many sites offer an online registry.
Can be bought in any silver pattern and put on order at the bridal registry at cooperating department stores.
Each organization should maintain an online registry of certified sites.
Instead of a traditional registry, they have asked well-wishers to make gifts to a list of twenty-six charities.
The two-tier household registry system must be abolished.
Forget fiddling with the registry or the valet parking.
There is no proper land registry, detailing the physical boundaries of each piece of land.
Most damaging of all has been a row over a new federal gun registry.
The bill proposes a new land registry based on testimony by the displaced and their neighbours.
She also implores people to get on the bone marrow donation registry.
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