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News about automobile registration and license plates.
Or a registration process that doesn't cost you days away from your job.
At the end of the registration period, ten political parties were rejected by the regime's handpicked election commission.
Group and individual registration will be available online closer to the event.
In response, the agency is moving to cancel the pesticide's registration.
Admission is free, but advance registration is required for this reception.
Surges in registration and in requests for absentee ballots are not the only measures of voter conviction, of course.
Due to limited space on inventory teams, advance registration is required to ensure a spot on a team.
Car manufacturers actually share a significant amount of research either directly or via patent registration and leasing.
Governments and campaigners want tighter scrutiny of company registration.
Most workshops require advanced registration required.
Access is free, but registration is required for access to copyrighted material.
Application of this chemical requires professional expertise, training and registration.
If the goals are not met, registration fees for manufacturers increase.
Most fund managers had expected mandatory registration and the new informational requirements.
What registration does for you is to help you when someone infringes on your work.
Many popular torrent sites don't require registration or a fee and are, generally speaking, anonymous.
The official registration date was months earlier, and his motorcycle has none of the required safety features.
Travel and registration fees for conferences may be part of the offer or may be something you need to negotiate.
By selling only parts, both would stay on the right side of federal law requiring registration of completed silencers.
Registration, re-registration, and certification with municipal departments cost enterprises hundreds of employee hours.
Article here and editorial here, registration required.
Our clinical coordinator contacted your registration clerk.
After a while a highway patrol officer came by, asked how she felt, and asked to see her license and registration.
They'll start with mandatory registration of horseradish and then work down to confiscating paprika.
For a few a contributing factor was that registration opened in the wee hours where they lived.
Gun laws, registration or outright bans, don't seem to help.
One solution is registration and implementing a bozo filter.
Needless to say, any data entered into the normally invisible box causes the registration to fail.
Highways do make money via car registration fees, tickets, and tolls.
Their network got activated, and they filled the registration.
Complete and submit the registration including a valid home address.
Complete the registration form to apply for the discount.
Non-partisan registration groups are enjoying a surge in celebrity participation this election cycle.
The main thing to know is registration is required before your stays.
Trailer and trailer coach registration requires a one-time fee based on the trailer's weight.
Private plane tracking requires you to have the tail registration number of the plane.
Registration is required and you have to choose at registration which offer you want, you cannot change later.
Serif type is not recommended because fluctuation in registration will adversely affect the fine strokes and serifs.
The registration fee does not pay for the participant.
Registration is mandatory, but there is no difference between the processes for hedge funds and mutual funds.
Nor is her voter-registration card, which allows her to vote only in her native village.
There is a short registration form, but downloads are free.
These rights are established as soon as the material has been created, with no need for official registration.
The bank suggests that phasing out the household-registration system would encourage more people to move to the city.
One registration will be valid for two years, so regular visitors will not need to register every time they plan to fly.
Perhaps, given the vast increases in voter registration and the shift in party identification, that is precisely what will happen.
Most committees welcome the input and energy of emerging scholars, and will often waive the registration fee for such help.
But before you book your plane ticket and pay your registration fees, you need to have your paper accepted.
Don't rely on the charity to change the registration for you.
It has saved me an enormous amount of time during pre-registration advising.
My take on it is that if the student messed up his or her registration, that is the student's problem.
But, many conferences these days don't care what you present as long as you pay the registration.
Or there may be times of the week or year when one type of work dominates, say during budget season or student registration.
Advised entering freshmen on course selection and registration.
They checked his registration and his luggage, then drove him to the city jail and locked him up.
Other perks popping up: adoption benefits, homeowner's insurance, parenting seminars and voter registration.
The party says the registration will be formalized next week.
Poor attention to one's environment prohibits registration, and long-term consolidation, of important information into memory.
If so, provide complete ownership and registration information.
And registration alone doesn't seem to be enough to keep an eye on hedge-fund activity.
Please refer to this section if you have purchased a new or used vehicle and are applying for a new registration.
Registration is required to attend the event, including employees.
The following links provide information on vehicle registration and insurance requirements.
Online registration is not currently available for this course.
Registration is not guaranteed and only money paid when not required may be refunded.
Registration means that a motorized boat can be used.
After renewing online, you will receive your new registration certificate and decals.
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