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Often, you hear weather forecasters refer to a storm or low-pressure area moving toward your region.
Once beautiful but sleepy, this region is now beautiful but sophisticated.
He said that the roses recommended for each region actually do well across all the climates within the region.
Local tax and shipping charges will be applied by region.
Gardeners here find inspiration in their region's native trees and shrubs.
Your region's winter temperatures play an important role in determining what kinds of citrus you can grow.
To understand the region, one must know its history.
Across the region unemployment rose and growth slumped.
As the cost of diesel power soars, schemes for renewable power and plans to link the region's power grids may be speeded up.
Quite a few are mixing cement and driving forklift trucks on the big infrastructure projects peppered around the region.
Every country across the region has cut interest rates and announced a fiscal stimulus.
The region's governors and regulators are mulling ways to help them.
Click on a region for a temperature forecast, index for the region.
What does seem to be clear is that the slip happened in a relatively shallow region of the subduction zone.
Have students discuss or write paragraphs explaining what they think are the unique characteristics of their own region.
The focus of each guide are the awe-inspiring scenic national parks in each region.
Then compare those characteristics to those of your home region.
For centuries, this great river has supported life and trade in the region.
Click on three to five different colors in various parts of the country, including your own region.
The report's voluminous data also include forecasts of enrollments by region and state.
The council tracks students collectively from that region because of its geopolitical importance.
Despite harsh, semi-arid conditions, native wildlife has adapted to the environmental constraints present in the region.
Today, the region is still known for its rich farmlands.
Their gathering of wood was also ravaging the arid, ecologically fragile region.
The bay fuels the region's economy through recreation and fishing.
Pharmacies throughout the region are stocked with the fake malaria medicine, which is generally cheaper than the real thing.
Memories are stored in a region of the brain called the hippocampus, shown in red in this computer illustration.
Today, research continues in the region in an effort to learn more about dinosaurs and other forms of prehistoric life.
Although some would consider increased rainfall a blessing for such an arid region, it can be a headache for preservationists.
The middle region of the upper zone is called the epigastric, and the two lateral regions the right and left hypochondriac.
The lowest part of the stomach is at the pyloric vestibule, which reaches to the region of the umbilicus.
The muscles in the plantar region of the foot may be divided into three groups, in a similar manner to those in the hand.
It probably contains fibers derived from the thalamus, the anterior commissure, and the subthalamic region.
And her loss could have serious ramifications for the country and the region.
In fact, there are roughly two dozen metros which have half the pay level of the highest-paying region.
The past few years in particular have been, by even the region's high standards, depressing.
These storms were by no means the last to pound the region.
The region is important: where the kids live impacts the feasibility of the thing.
But in no other form is corn more beloved in this region than creamed.
The hypothalamus is one of the brain's oldest structures, and the region is also linked to aggression in monkeys.
The bone is in the mid-tarsal region, where the heel bone and forefoot meet.
Wars in this region have posed the largest threat to gorilla populations.
Scientists have identified the brain region involved in tracking the spatial relationships between tones in a piece of music.
The standard approach to malaria control in this region focuses on the indoor spraying of houses with insecticide.
Blood racing through a brain region's web of vessels is a sign that nerve cells in that locale have kicked into action.
But also important is the dangerous state of the region's economies.
Given the conditions, there is nothing surprising about the persistence of a clandestine drug trade in the region.
With enough resources, a damaged region can reconstruct itself with surprising speed.
The idea is steer light around a volume of space so that anything inside this region is essentially invisible.
The user can select a body region to explore by clicking the text or image, or by using the search tool.
Riders soon arrived in droves, and the line proved to be a crucial link in the economic development of the region.
She became director of the southeast region, where she led her team to double-digit growth for five consecutive years.
Depending on which region you live in solar may in fact be substantially cheaper.
If wind or solar is convenient to your region, it makes great sense to deploy it.
And by using a region of instability, it's possible to catapult from the walking space into the running space.
Scientists have traced chronic pain to a defect in one enzyme in a single region of the brain.
Think of any region of space, such as the room in which you're reading.
It has been known for decades that the hippocampus is the brain region involved in learning new memories and in recall.
In this case, there were only a handful of living patients with damage to this region.
First drought struck the region, forcing large herbivores to congregate around ever-diminishing watering holes and creeks.
Both of these views are basically ideological fantasy, the reality is both to differing extents by region.
If you look to the tail, near the stinger, there is a vast star-forming region that is not at all obvious in visible light.
The move comes as climatic changes are exacerbating threats to forests in the region.
Over the same period, monsoonal rains in the region have intensified.
Few signs of the region's famous poverty are apparent.
These days, aside from an unmentioned trade in semi-refined cocaine paste, tourism is the economic mainstay of the region.
Because of riots in the region the month before, a police detail had been dispatched from the hotel to other parts of the state.
There is a region in the experience of pain where the certainty of alleviation often permits superhuman endurance.
Spaniards had at long last reached a region whose riches matched their ambitions.
Only one of his recruits had any background in the region.
Reducing our use of oil would make the region less significant.
Wars, trade and the wildfire ideologies of nationalism and communism shook the region while knitting together its parts.
The mood seems to be shifting everywhere in the region.

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