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Dancers on this pointe regimen developed characteristically long, lean leg muscles.
In the end, nothing builds a true command of language faster than this kind of regimen.
But, once you've put the regimen for waterboarding and other techniques in place, you use it much more indiscriminately.
But they seem to have better planning information available for the low sodium regimen.
Using an improved regimen consisting of the same components, we're doing a follow-up to that study.
His offseason training regimen is expected to start on schedule.
But he devised a regimen, leaving the house nightly to study at a library to avoid distractions.
Even when a regimen is followed, it may not be the best regimen.
Running has been a significant part of my exercise regimen over the last three years.
But little by little he got back on his feet and became a fitness advocate for those who struggle with an exercise regimen.
No conventional doctors would vouch for the wisdom of their high-fat regimen.
But steroids can be only one part of an extreme regimen that can wreak havoc on the body.
The regimen is complicated although newer insulin forms may make it easier.
Each diagnosis was accompanied by a different regimen of drug treatments.
Adding erythromycin to the treatment regimen may help remove these fragments.
Dangerous cholesterol levels forced him into an extreme exercise regimen that became a second way of life.
To the standard regimen of interviews, film clips and pie charts, he had the showman's savvy to add an extra ingredient: himself.
More cells in the blood could be a sign that the drugs are not working and that it's time for a different chemotherapy regimen.
Drug resistance testing will help you and your doctor select a new regimen.

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My regimen is lust and avarice for exercise, gluttony and sloth for relaxation.... more
Did the first men who thought of fasting put themselves on this regimen on their physician's order, because... more
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