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Example sentences for reggae

The song's jaunty reggae beat, and a video composed entirely of happy people hugging soldiers, jars with reality.
He said they were the nicest guys, and he talked with them and smoked pot and sang reggae.
Writer tells about visiting a reggae lounge the summer before last.
Reggae's evolution is told through music, extensive liner notes and track-by-track narratives.
Choose from jazz, reggae, soul or rhythm and blues to suit your tastes.
Discover how reggae became a worldwide phenomenon through this powerful portrait of its leading artists.
The country's ska, reggae and dub musical styles and influences are heard around the world.
He was influenced mainly by reggae, jazz and punk rock.
But if you're a reggae buff, you don't get many chances to hear the music's elder icons.
Featuring a variety of musical shows and entertainment, including reggae, ska and jazz.

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Eclecticism is the degree zero of contemporary general culture: one listens to reggae, watches a western, e... more
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