regale in a sentence

Example sentences for regale

Diamond-Lace may regale her chosen guests in midwinter.
Still, parents would be ill-advised to regale their loved ones with this dark read.
Old friends regale her as she continues to hold court.
We propose to regale our readers with a statement of facts concerning a sample of these places.
Please regale us with tales of other extreme makeovers.
Stop in, say hello and regale him with any story ideas or questions you might have.
It's a miracle he can squeeze in a pause to regale his diners.
The reindeer and boar heads on the walls seem to encourage diners to regale their friends with tall tales of hunting adventures.
These buildings often have local legends attached to them, which stagehands regale the band with during sound check.
The innkeepers host these events and often regale guests with stories about the inn or offer suggestions for sightseeing.
There, informative guides regale them with tales of the old master and his family.
And he's close enough to come home, borrow the car and regale us with his adventures.
He traveled extensively in foreign countries and would regale friends with entertaining stories of his travels.
We are a country of tolerance, born from the bowels of excessive regale ruling.
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