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The adults must take time off to regain weight and replace plumage.
If all goes as planned, the diver will regain control of his legs.
He got his legs back under him, managed to regain his balance and launched us past the holes.
Over the years many bats recovered from their injuries and were released, but some could not regain flight capacity.
When she tried to divorce her husband to regain her fortune, her father-in-law shot her.
Hopefully things will be better managed in the future and the city can regain more of its former glory.
Many natives are hoping to see some of these foreigners leave, allowing them to regain a cultural foothold in their own homeland.
When they are through, regain the group's attention.
When the chicks hatch, they are left alone in large groups so the parents can hunt for food and regain their strength.
Hundreds of birds milled in recovery rooms, waiting to regain their natural water repellence.
Professors feel shut out of decision making, and unsure about how to regain their influence.
They have struggled for years to regain their pre-Katrina enrollments and to boost dismal graduation rates.
Yoga allows us to regain agency and to participate more fully in our lives.
It is time for the organization to seriously re-examine itself and regain the respect that it once had among academics.
He wasn't expected to ever regain consciousness, or live beyond a couple of weeks.
It also made me regain a few hours of sleep per night something that matters too.
We already have too much on our plates trying to regain our credibilities from all stakeholders.
Faculty have to fight to regain control, and scale down the administrative bloat.
It took me a long time to regain my equilibrium after that.
It's been fun watching the heirloom edible movement regain momentum.
Many vegetables will wilt during the later hours of a hot, summer day and regain their strength at night.
There the long-absent pastor regain his flock and his sheepfold.
Army soldiers advance on relatives of prisoners as they attempt to regain control of a perimeter fence.
Instead, they seem to have trouble letting go of distraction, and are slow to regain focus on their original tasks.
The pilots reacted as one might expect, fighting desperately to regain control.
As well as giving users the ability to walk, the device also helps them regain their dignity.
Even if speculators do sometimes push prices out of kilter the fundamentals soon regain the upper hand.
Having waited long enough for his invitation to regain its scarcity value, the tousle-haired dictator is at it again.
Landowners became reluctant to let farms, fearing that they might never regain control of the land.
Some countries may hold their noses and try to join the euro in order to regain influence.
Both have yet to regain their previous output peaks, however.
After seven quarters of disappointing performance, it needs to regain credibility with investors.
The ethnic violence flared up at a difficult moment, as supporters of the former regime were trying to regain power.
In short, both sides in this dispute need to regain some perspective.
To regain the trust of both customers and employees, the board has appointed two new bosses.
In each case the idea is to use old recordings of people's voices to enable them to regain the power of real-time speech.
There was a risk that one or two of the pro-democracy legislators would not regain their seats.
The easiest way to regain ground may be to change the subject and to go slow on reform.
He has not been able to regain the political initiative.
Those who regain consciousness typically do so within days.
Rarely, viruses can also regain their ability to reproduce, posing a risk of becoming infectious.
For mice addicted to cocaine, it can take two days to regain normalized levels.
We will get back our manufacturing capabilities and regain our proper position as an economic giant.
It certainly seems that electric propulsion is vying to regain the power it ceded to gasoline engines a century ago.
To regain the lost heat energy, large heat exchangers are used to recover the lost heat from the atmosphere.
The challenging crabs had recently molted, so perhaps it wanted a good position to regain its bacterial covering.
One of the things they promise when you quit smoking is that food will regain its flavor.
Any attempt to regain that paradise is doomed to falter.
He had been trying, in vain, to regain official favor with pictures of mildly abstracted figures.
He was still tired, and napped in the afternoon, but was slowly beginning to regain his energy.
The mullahs see a chance to regain their prestige and power.
The pilots reacted as one might expect, fighting desperately to regain control.
The good news is that physical therapy can help many regain lost abilities and even walk again.
Patients with impaired vision because of a damaged cornea could soon regain their sight without need of a human donor transplant.
Then all the probabilities make sense again and the laws of physics regain their power.
HP can help you protect the integrity of your data and regain access to it when you need it.
If academia wants to regain its voice, it will have to radically change its makeup.
The point is simply to regain a measure of perspective.
But that allowed them to regain their health relatively quickly.
As the housing market continues to try to regain its footing, there's little consistency in a rebound for new home building.
Something ws driving these people to regain their weight, and it was not a deep-seated desire to be fat.
From that instant, she would never regain consciousness.
Emanuel must regain their confidence but also those of citizens who believe that too many neighborhoods are shooting galleries.
In a desperate bid to regain his reputation and fortune, he decided to stake his life on one final extraordinary adventure.
However these varnishes can frequently be removed and the paintings can regain their intended appearance.
Felt soldiered on but could not regain his footing against an energized neighborhood.
Olmert, his public credibility thoroughly dissipated, may at some point search for a diplomatic achievement to regain it.
Doctors long believed that patients who remained in a coma weeks or more after a brain injury would never regain consciousness.
The vast majority of patients regain almost full mobility and sensation within a few months.
Doctors don't want people to regain awareness during surgery because the experiences may be frightening and even traumatic.
As such, people have strategies for trying to regain a sense control even if it's a tenuous one.
It's what you lose when you fall into a deep, dreamless slumber and what you regain when you wake up.
Carol there are other things you can do to regain the use of your left side.
Eventually, the cloud expands enough that it can't adequately block the light, and the star appears to regain its strength.
If you lose weight and regain it, you are right back where you started.
Doctors have said he may not ever fully regain movement, but he was expected to make a full mental recovery.
The emphasis in each case is to regain control over marginalized areas, to draw them in rather than push them out of society.
He was trying to regain control of crime syndicate gambling.
Quickly calculates optimal duct sizes using either the static regain, equal friction, or constant velocity method.

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