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Example sentences for refute

Most refute the texts and offer ample evidence of their fraudulent nature.
It's good when someone else adds their two cents to refute an untruth.
The request for quantifiable data is reasonable: it helps to objectively verify or refute the opinion you quoted.
Yes, certainly, the surest way to refute an argument is by calling the other side names.
While any individual contribution can be criticised, it is more difficult to refute a large number all showing the same results.
The only way to settle this will be to confirm or refute the findings with better data.
How in your wrenched world of wrenched physics can one refute what he does not understand.
But it doesn't really refute the idea that loosestrife is damaging.
Regardless of what naysayers may still insist, the science on climate change is too robust to refute.
Additionally, these same scientists would not discuss or refute the science and facts presented.
Multiple independent lines that will either verify or refute the temperature map.
It simply means that it supports the hypothesis and does not refute it.
The only reason that it continues to bind our minds is that no fact or objective evidence is allowed to refute it.
Science uses hypotheses and natural or experimental information to either support or refute those hypotheses.
Your logic is lacking, one key thing, you do not in anyway refute their claim.
Peer review, widespread public criticism of methodology, attempts to duplicate or refute your results.
Presently, the scientific must refute this mummified head identification.
To refute it, they simply start using exactly the same arguments that this article has precisely disproved.
For every paper on global warming there is a paper to refute it.
Please feel free to factually refute any of our allegations.
It's so funny how far people will go in order to refute reality.
If so, the authors are as foolish as the arguments they are attempting to refute.

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