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Example sentences for refused

Before they went on the air, both candidates refused the services of a cosmetician.
In those early years, brokers and merchants refused to buy war rugs with overt designs for fear they would put off buyers.
She carefully scanned the envelope, deciphered a coded message from her lover, then refused to accept the mail.
The receiver refused, offering to postpone the sale instead, but the farmers insisted that they go ahead.
The railroad-construction company that employed him, which had thought him a model foreman, refused to take him back.
His refused to eat pepper because it seemed to make his left leg weak.
But many students had refused to leave the residence halls, some because they had nowhere else to go.
Again, many of the recruiters refused to paint today's college student with the broad brush of laziness.
Some of them refused to submit policies for the ranking or did not respond to repeated requests for their policies.
Supporters of the measure, however, refused to concede defeat.
It comes two months after a federal judge refused the university's request to dismiss the case.
Some protesters entered the room, but others refused.
She utterly refused to understand what parts of speech had to do with writing intelligible sentences.
When she refused, he sent suggestive photos of her to her boyfriend.
The big coal operators had banded together, and positively refused to take any steps looking toward an accommodation.
Some did, but others refused, choosing to stay with their animals despite dangerous conditions.
Should that be refused, he was to open fire on the stronghold.
The two cheetahs snarled and refused to get out of their trailer.
In the past the agency has refused access to the tomb on the grounds that the boat to cross its moat is too old and unsafe.
Even so, the government refused to renounce its claim, and the supposed treasure remains in dispute and unexcavated.
When park officials ordered them to leave, they refused and threatened violence.
Three others who refused to evacuate the area died when the sea invaded their homes.
The water bill was so high that the people refused to pay it.
The other party begged him to read the fine print but he refused.
But the local police, who are of the same clan as the constable, refused to file charges.
In the past, the police refused to give them weapons.
They refused to listen to the state's political establishment.
Despite the grim consequences, a large majority of the witnesses refused to cooperate.
Often, of course, this type of help will be refused.
She and eight others were promptly arrested and refused bail.
He refused entreaties to use a walker, feeling that it made his balance worse.
It has refused time and again to enforce the campaign finance laws its commissioners are sworn to uphold.
Kuhn--citing baseball's reserve clause, which kept a player bound to his original team--refused.
Even some nurses refused the vaccination against influenza.
Seven of the eight refused to eat it, while an eighth actually refused to eat at all for a short period.
Schick asked the nurse again, and again she refused to handle the flowers.
Citing privacy, doctors refused to identify or provide any details about the recipient or how and when she was injured.
Five out of eight crows that had previously refused to visit the nest suddenly began feeding the chicks.
Refused to go through it because there was no guarantee that it would not interfere with an internal cardiac device.
In my opinion the funding should be refused on moral ground but money after all is money.
The individual who received an unfair distribution refused to take part in the study.
But developing countries, which placed a higher priority on economic growth, refused to accept caps on their emissions.
At the opening session of the new parliament almost one-third of the deputies refused to be sworn in.
But the government itself has refused to acknowledge them.
They doggedly refused to pull the drug from the market until forced to do so by critical press reports.
Officials likewise refused to answer journalists' calls.
It refused to grant bail to the first suspect charged.
She finished it all, and then refused to eat the other stuff.
If viewers sat back and refused, the story took a different turn.
Thousands of fueling stations have reportedly shut down or refused to sell drivers more than half a tank of diesel fuel.
Jobs ripped it off and mumbled that he hated the design and refused to wear it.
Both refused to go along, in a way that made others realize that that their own lives had to change.
In each restaurant the waiters refused to serve him.
He was fingerprinted and asked to hand over his rolls of exposed film, which he refused to do.
For years now, he has refused to do face-to-face interviews.
She refused this offer, at which point the dealings between the two parties grew nasty.
The tribe also refused to allow outsiders to visit the excavated site or to view the bones.
When he refused, they took a piece of muscle from his back and sewed it into the hole in his thigh.
The official story is that he refused a background check.
Workers surrounded the speaker and refused to budge.
But it has refused to divulge the full chemical composition, calling it proprietary information.
He refused to say if his office was conducting an investigation.
He also politely, but flatly, refused to study lichens.
Overcrowding is so extreme that the prison system this year refused to take in more inmates.
In a typical display of tactical bombast, she initially refused to recognize the results and filed a protest in court.
Officials have steadily refused such information, citing security interests as justification.
Storm refused religious rites, and by his request his funeral was conducted in silence.
The administration has refused to specify his allegedly offending words.
Eventually, many of the commercial paper lenders refused to lend their short-term money to the investors at all.
Little is known about his life: he has refused to confirm his age in interviews or give a fixed address.
The employer refused to meet conditions of the hiring agreement, such as hours or wages.
Held had refused to meet him, although there was ample opportunity to do so.
When the highway patrol came knocking, he refused to speak to them for three straight days.
His case gave a glimpse of what might have been, without the bluster by two sides that refused to yield.
The national government offered to send in the army, but for political reasons the state refused.
But she was worn out and refused further cardiac surgery.
She reportedly offered to buy him a new car, and he proudly refused.
She tried talking him into relocating to a safer site, but he refused.
They were not particularly bellicose or arrogant, but they refused to be impressed when they should have been.
Several supermarket chains refused to sell it even with the wrapper.
Others respectfully kept their distance from the center yet also refused in the crisis to budge from their places.

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