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Example sentences for refuse

It is kindness immediately to refuse what you intend to deny.
Loyalists would of course refuse, which would then result either in their imprisonment or a lynching.
It is unfortunate that some members in society refuse to treat others this way.
We consistently refuse to pay for care-giving in this country, and this is the latest iteration of that problem.
But it seems implausible that the best possible way of dealing with the situation is to refuse to accept the panels.
It's based on something they almost certainly do not, and probably cannot, refuse to do: consume health care services.
But they refuse to see how exactly the same logic undercuts their current anti-spending drive.
Some browsers are set to refuse all cookies, or to restrict the conditions under which they are set.
After all, they refuse to participate in your principal reduction program.
But the members of this movement refuse to believe it.
We refuse to contribute unless everyone else does out of the sense that it's unfair for us to do it alone.
White grocers would refuse to sell food to any of them.
But they are so unhappy with the work that they refuse to pay for it.
Spoon a layer of ground-up food refuse on top of the dried materials.
Others say dogs domesticated themselves by adapting to a new niche-human refuse dumps.
Key to terra preta is charcoal, made by burning plants and refuse at low temperatures.
Collect vegetable refuse in a small bucket when preparing meals.
Refuse to believe anyone who says you must narrow your focus to achieve success.
Many gardeners simply pile the refuse from their garden in one spot on their property.
When something goes wrong you can refuse to believe it.
There have even been suggestions that laws might be amended for courts to impose stiffer sentences and to refuse bail to suspects.
Perhaps they fed off human refuse or benefited from inadvertent shelter from predators.
After more waiting, the police radio them back, refuse to show up and state that the seller is allowed to have the skin.
He will lie down or dig his feet in and refuse to move.
We will be walking along, and he will dig in his feet and refuse to move.
He wants to stop and sniff everything and if you refuse him too many times, he will simply stand strong and not move.
They refuse to let the dogs go back home to the family and made us give up the two puppies.
Urban agriculture could also convert municipal wastewater into irrigation water, reducing a city's refuse problem.
But when you see a beautiful blue planet you refuse to admit it was created.
But, many of us are still addicted to fossil fuels and refuse to see anything else.
Many scientists engaged in high-stakes research will refuse to make thorough disclosures.
He was the last to be hired at the building site, and he knew that he couldn't refuse the task: he'd be fired.
There was no rational reason for a serious venue to refuse entry to such a phenomenon.
Supply trucks reportedly refuse to enter the city for fear of radiation, forcing residents to find creative ways to cope.
She knew to cry out when she felt the need to relieve herself, and had learned not to refuse food or medicine.
They claim future losses but refuse to open their books and prove it.
In other words, this is a biography in which the key to the subject's life is provided by people who refuse to give their names.
Dee's characters refuse to live within the confines of narrative.
Players signal their desire for additional cards by tapping their fingers on the table and refuse hits by waving their hands.
He has made good on his threat to sue labs, doctors' offices, and health maintenance organizations that refuse to pay.
The teachers in my town's high school refuse to accept papers unless they are typed on a computer.
Many desire the tree who pretend to refuse the fruit.
Famous swords are made of refuse scraps, thought worthless.
He persisted to refuse to ordain bishops, named by the king, without a canonical election.
And even if programs refuse to cooperate, the council has a number of alternative strategies for rating them anyway.
While authorities have some leeway to refuse requests, they are generally expected to say yes.
Other students and mentees are interested in everything and refuse to focus.
Many academics refuse to write evaluations unless they know in advance they can write positive ones.
It is really dangerous to put them in cargo, and more and more of the airlines refuse to do that, anyway.
Your options at this point are to take the job or refuse it.
Refuse to let tenured profs take advantage of untenured ones in the ways described above.
Make the choice, communicate it, refuse to get pulled into emotional discussions and complications.
There's no really set established policy, but they refuse to be completely hands off, too.
Bottom line: better to do it than to refuse to be a part of it.
Utilities refuse to build any, since the technology is expensive and unproven.
At present the auditors, actuaries and regulators involved say they have done their job properly or refuse to comment.
Officials at the religious-affairs bureau brusquely refuse comment.
And it often helps those who refuse to help themselves.
Some managers anticipate this problem and refuse to accept new inflows after a certain point.
Should the agency refuse, that certificate too is probably in doubt.
And big accounting firms will refuse to audit financial statements if the company or creditors fail to provide data.
But officials refuse to provide any details of the cases or the charges.
Some papers even had the nerve to refuse delivery to distant suburbs.
Sportsmen wear lucky clothes that they refuse to wash during tournaments.
Beyond plastic degradation and its toxic ramifications, other refuse issues ensue.
Along with the bones are all manner of refuse, such as broken pottery and flint tools.
Then, good medical journals might refuse to publish articles that are not certified.
Other botanists flat out refuse to discuss her or her theory.
Many archeologists, upset at any suggestion of cultural regression, refuse to acknowledge those losses as disadvantages.
Subjects may refuse to participate because of the stigma of mental illness.
They refuse to look directly at the way things should be.
And that's going to be said by your cousin on the other side, and it's going to be an offer you can't refuse.
He has been known to speak sharply to her, to refuse to walk behind or open a car door for her.
Those who refuse to fight risk being summarily executed.
Apparently it did not occur to her that she could refuse to go.
Zealots of both sides continue to refuse to recognize the legitimacy of the name used by the other side.
They are for repressive government even if they refuse to call it big government.
They have been feeding off anarchy for so long that they refuse to let go.
It really hurts me when they do, and they refuse to stop.
Household refuse originating in and around residential premises is collected once each week on a designated collection day.
She was also worried about the damage all the plastic refuse was doing to the environment.
Month three of boot camp has begun, but the pounds stubbornly refuse to budge.

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