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Science was his refuge, a place of order and stability that could not fail him.
For some it's a refuge, for some a shady place to fall down.
Contact the refuge for specific seasonal volunteer needs.
Bald eagles and other raptors also live on the refuge.
They found more refuge among the people who shared their religious affiliation.
It must have been a refuge from her otherwise crowded life.
Snarling remains the refuge for those who lack the energy or courage to do something really original or dastardly.
Unfortunately, college is no refuge from the ugliness that permeates our society.
Precisely how the insects find their way to this refuge has long eluded biologists.
But national parks and other areas protected from pollution and development are providing no refuge.
Conspiracy theories are the refuge of those without evidence to support their views.
Conspiracy theories are the refuge of those who lack evidence.
Thousands struggled to find refuge from the relentless battering of wind and waves.
The family had sought refuge under a staircase, which then collapsed and killed them.
But the next day he was back, his main refuge being his excellence as a math student.
His enemies might have pursued him, forcing him to seek refuge higher up, in summer pastures.
He showed in what it consists and where refuge and consolation could be obtained under a sense of divine displeasure.
All who labour under the heavy load of afflictions fly to them for refuge.
Learning is an ornament in prosperity, a refuge in adversity, and a provision in old age.
He snapped photos of the wreckage, using the flash to help him search for refuge.
Many urban housing developments are being planned and promoted as a refuge from everything beyond their boundaries.
It is his only refuge, and when his boss prohibits its use, he snaps.
Many of those left behind are taking refuge in the city's mental hospitals.
Engineering producer goods may be the last refuge of humanistic spirit.
Ironically, the depopulation has turned the area into a wildlife refuge of sorts.
Both groups of elderly mice swam at about the same pace, so the time it took to find refuge was not about improved swim speed.
But a reserve allows fish a refuge where they can increase in size and spawn.
But becoming a refuge for smokers is hardly likely to prove to be a money spinner.
They often seek refuge on private property, infuriating local ranchers.
But without some degree of redirection, his campaign risks being dismissed as merely a refuge for malcontents.
The fantasy worlds in which some casualties took refuge enthralled him.
And see also what a refuge and a bulwark a school can be.
Soon they meet again, disguised as beggars, and take refuge in her house.
It swept ahead of the advancing humans, invading every refuge and routing out every last member of many species.
But this has always been the refuge of the weak minded, people who have no real power to help others or heal them.
Without the aid given to him by the monastery in which he took refuge he likely would have starved and remained illiterate.
Even teaching, our first and last refuge, had closed its heart after the poor writer gave out too many failing grades.
He didn't seem to be anybody and he had no resources of humility to turn that nothingness into a refuge.
Many people couldn't get home and sought refuge in friends' homes, in office buildings.
It is plainly designed as a refuge for readers who have had enough of wartime realism.
But in a building behind the main hotel, an expansive refuge was also constructed, and it's worlds away from the social action.
He didn't seem to want to take shelter in this refuge.
Enjoy a country which is the last refuge of indoor smoking.
In the long run, its perfection as a refuge is what killed him.
She took refuge in a small hotel whose astonished owner found her a room and raced about making tea.
He said the quake had thrown him from the top bunk in his cell to the floor, where he took refuge under a metal table.

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