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Definitely capable of heating or cooling a house or for heating hot water or cooking or clothes drying or refrigeration.
For the first time milk could be kept pure and storable without benefit of refrigeration.
In a country with no refrigeration, they transport animals alive to keep them fresh.
Net technologies further improved catch rates, and refrigeration stretched the fishing boats' capabilities even further.
With augmentation, the solar suitcase powers blood bank refrigeration, permitting life-saving transfusions to occur without delay.
Perhaps manufacturers will lease you a fridge and charge a low monthly rate for managing your refrigeration needs.
Raisins contain antioxidants, which may have helped mask the rancid flavor of spoiling meat in the days before refrigeration.
The mailbox of tomorrow ought to be a cubic yard, with the potential for refrigeration.
Losses could be reduced by building new silos and better roads and providing more refrigeration, but those things are expensive.
The labels do not count the energy needed for refrigeration, lighting and heating in shops.
Refrigeration is a quite different process and it wouldn't surprise me if there was no refrigeration system at all.
All of those portable beer coolers that plug into a cigarette lighter use a solid-state refrigeration module.
Rice offers several advantages over traditional vaccines: it does not require needles, purification or refrigeration.
Since it's got further to travel in less efficient traffic conditions, you're more likely to require refrigeration.
Storing the drugs, especially when refrigeration is required, also poses its own issues and costs.
Or, if it's a cold-storage facility, they can reduce the refrigeration temporarily.
Its important to remember that modern folks live in a world of agriculture, refrigeration, and supermarkets.
Did anybody ever examined the refrigeration technology of that era.
Foods can be stored and prepared without refrigeration or cooking.
These materials can improve a process called adsorption chilling, which can be used for refrigeration and air conditioning.
In the developing world, reuse of syringes spreads disease, and lack of refrigeration limits the availability of vaccines.
Because this technique conceivably could be a closed circuit it could indeed be great for refrigeration.
In this case the cold comes via solar powered refrigeration units.
There's some cool new refrigeration technology coming down the pike.
Refrigeration space is limited in all but the larger trailers, so pay close attention to food safety.
The dish cools, leaving the meat protected by an unctuous layer of fat, requiring no refrigeration.
Each room has a private bath, microwave and refrigeration facilities as well as a flat-screen plasma television with cable.
The rink, made of recyclable polymer, requires no refrigeration or electricity.
Because it needs less refrigeration, tofu is recommended for backpacking.
Few should know that better than a professional prosecutor who is, after all, prominent in the behavioral refrigeration business.

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