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Example sentences for refrigerate

Layer the tomatoes in a storage container, pouring in their oil, and refrigerate.
Remove from the heat and let cool, then refrigerate overnight.
Maybe they can find a way to recirculate the fluid and refrigerate it.
Simply refrigerate it and you've got vegetable stock to use for soups and stews later.
Always refrigerate leftovers promptly, uncovered to aid rapid cooling.
Eat immediately, or you can refrigerate to eat later.
Refrigerate or compost overly ripe fruit, and wash soda and beer bottles thoroughly.
Shape butter mixture into eight-inch log, wrap in parchment paper, and refrigerate.
Immediately after preparing foods, refrigerate any leftovers and clean the counter tops and appliances.
The range also can hold your food at a given temperature after it's cooked and refrigerate it later.
The ability to refrigerate the active regions of an enzyme would be hugely advantageous.
It stores really well-you don't even need to refrigerate it-so don't be afraid to make a big batch.
Refrigerate in the crock overnight, then start it in the morning.
Choose figs that are soft and unblemished, wrap them loosely in a plastic bag, and refrigerate.
When they arrive, the stores further refrigerate them to preserve them for sale.
Refrigerate the scraps from each piece as you work, then knead them together and roll out another tart shell.
Refrigerate and make sure custard is completely chilled before using it in the trifle.
Transfer to a clean, dry jar, cover and refrigerate until ready to use.
At this point, you could refrigerate the potatoes for up to one day, and bake when needed.
Strain into a clean dry jar and refrigerate when cool.
Refrigerate prepared formula if it is not going to be used immediately.
Cover and refrigerate the sauce for several hours while the spices are absorbed.
The night before, combine chicken and soy-lime syrup in a non-reactive bowl, cover and refrigerate.
Freeze or refrigerate food overnight that is supposed to be kept cold.
Refrigerate until set, about two hours or overnight.
If making a day ahead, cool, then refrigerate in a covered container.
Remove dish from pan, cool to room temperature, and cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.
Cover and refrigerate several hours or overnight, to let the flavors develop.
Press a piece of plastic wrap on top, and refrigerate overnight.
If you're not able to refrigerate or heat your meal, bring along the ingredients for sandwiches.
She does refrigerate it until the following morning and then cooks it.
Leave on the cookie sheets and freeze, if desired, or refrigerate.
Serve at room temperature, or cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate.
For best results, she says, refrigerate it overnight.
Remove the sauce to a bowl, lightly cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until needed.
Because raw broccoli needs air circulation to stay fresh, wrap it loosely in damp paper towels and refrigerate.
Refrigerate milk promptly after purchase and each use.
It is only safe to prepare stuffing ahead of time if you cook it immediately and refrigerate it in shallow containers.
Take eggs straight home from the grocery store and refrigerate them right away.
If you will be making gravy, pour off the drippings and refrigerate them.
Store eggs in their original carton and refrigerate as soon as possible.
Rapidly cool them under running water and refrigerate until needed.
After opening, store juice in a tightly covered container not made from metal and refrigerate.
Transfer hot foods to shallow pans with a product depth of four inches or less and refrigerate.
Go directly home from the market and refrigerate your purchases as soon as possible.
Store remaining juice in a tightly covered container not made from metal and refrigerate.
Refrigerate or freeze leftovers within two hours of serving the food.
Spread a layer of stuffing evenly onto elk then refrigerate or freeze until stiff.
Remove stuffing from poultry, or other meats, and refrigerate separately.
After thawing, refrigerate the food until ready to use.
Bring the meat home immediately after purchase and refrigerate it promptly.
Store remaining opened mixed fruit in a tightly covered container not made from metal and refrigerate.
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