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You'll refresh your spirit and rebound from life's little annoyances.
Your visit to the state will not only refresh your spirit, it will supply an adrenaline rush you won't soon forget.
Here and there you see the arch of a caravansary, where for centuries traders stopped to refresh their animals.
After an active day of exploring volcanoes, refresh outdoors in the lava rock showers.
Drain and refresh in ice water to stop the cooking process.
Continue to refresh your browser for the latest comments and answers.
To refresh your memories, she has been going potty in her cage every night.
Many of them require multiple doses to get the immune system's attention or periodic booster shots to refresh its memory.
The refresh rate of a display device is crucial in presenting a non-flickering image.
By the same, the electrical grid will require a refresh to be able to conduct all this amount of energy.
If you're still seeing the old banner you might need to delete your cache and refresh.
Refresh old kitchen cabinets with a new coat of paint.
New cabinetry hardware is a quick way to refresh a room.
If you try to refresh the page or click through to a new story, you'll get nothing-and the time-out clock will start.
Tap the refresh icon in the lower-left corner for a new batch.
Before one can fill up their beer or refresh their whiskey, someone has done it for you.
For to refresh the fruitful trees that in my gardens grew.
The best way to keep good acts in memory is to refresh them with new.
And then he thrust his beak into the cool turf to refresh himself a little with it.
So to refresh their memories each one prepares a string with as many knots as she has had lovers.
Cheer thy heart, and refresh thine eye for the fulfilment of thy wish.
The other is that they must be able to refresh their images at a rate fast enough to show moving pictures.
The tip of the pen has a light sensor and use the screen refresh timing to determine the position you touched.
Conflicts with competing and non-competing societies help to refresh those desires.
The team expects to continue improving their technology, enabling larger pictures and shorter refresh times.
Yet plants don't have this problem: they use sugar and minerals to constantly refresh their photosynthetic cells, eg leaves.
So sit back on your recliner, keep one hand in a bag of chips and another on the refresh button.
If using that page, refresh your browser to get current position.
One last remark: if you refresh the page, different comments come up on the right-hand side.
Bleed air valve from one of the nacelles shutting automatically, preventing cabin-air refresh and so everyone asphyxiated.
Refresh my memory here, because it's a little muddy.
If you do remember, it will usefully refresh your memory.
It has a number of uses around the world but here its only function is to refresh.
And what maybe can refresh my instincts about color, composition, line-you name it.
Another way to refresh the repertory is to bring out works from the back of the closet, and the company did this, too.
Drain the asparagus, if necessary, and refresh under cold running water.
The author makes dozens of similar points, all tending to deepen and refresh our perception of development and its difficulties.
Levine shows how one great research university has struggled to sustain and refresh these standards and goals.
We need to play back the tapes to refresh our memory of what seems consigned to instant oblivion even as it unfolds.
Many other e-paper displays with similar refresh rates are already on their way.
But e-paper still suffers in comparison to conventional liquid crystal displays in terms of refresh speed and vividness of color.
There are no plans for a hardware refresh before the holiday season.
Whether or not people sense a refresh of a product is imminent tends to affect whether they buy a product now.
Currently, these devices can't handle video, because the refresh rate of today's small liquid-crystal displays is too low.
If you have a large company and you need to refresh your projectors, then this might be good for you.
The best part of this tool is its ability to prioritize for you the words or concepts you need to refresh.
Relax for a minute or two, letting the darkness and warmth refresh your eyes.
But they also need to continually renew and refresh their pool of prospective adjuncts.
Every semester is a new opportunity to refresh the students knowledge of the university's position.
Refresh your studies of law and the concept of conspiracy, ie deliberate intent to commit crime in groups.
But refresh the bait often, and switch baits every few weeks.
Apparently, some of us need to refresh our memory as to what is truly obsession-worthy.
Remove the beans from the water and refresh them by immersing them in the bowl of ice-water.
Refresh with lemon juice and season when ready to use.
If your school has a closing, and you do not see it listed here, first try a page refresh.

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