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The oft-repeated refrain that more ice makes the drink cooler is an error.
Please refrain from calling them anything else, even in small print, at the end of the last paragraph.
He has heard the refrain that earthquakes are chaotic and unpredictable.
Please turn off your cell phones, pagers and refrain from text messaging during events.
The notion that, in these eventful times, a lot can change in a year was a common refrain among fans.
Maybe the deafening refrain of vuvuzela soccer horns can summon up more goalmouth incident and dramatic moments.
Some individuals may react in a negative matter whereas some may refrain from negative behavior.
Please refrain from trying to refocus the subject and stick to refuting the logical conclusion of your own argument, if you can.
Or, you could simply refrain from making personal remarks in you comments.
Most of all, refrain from the mad dog desire to make everybody in sight pay for the offense.
Please refrain from inserting political ideology into a scientific debate, it really has no value.
First, the central claims of the essay were considerably more developed than one should refrain from killing the messenger.
Please get professional help and refrain from any further comments in the realm of science, reality and reason.
Though some believe that any distilled spirit is safe, others refrain from wheat-based liquor all together.
We've been asked to please refrain from talking on our cell phones during the conference.
His principal advice to clients, he said, was to act normally and refrain from casting any spells in the courtroom.
On the other hand, parents should be kept in the dark, because older people cannot be trusted to refrain from brutal violence.
Its refrain was that fighting terrorism was going to be a long and many-fronted war, without clear victories.
Travellers must refrain from destroying airline property in retaliation.
Every day no evidence supports the refrain that markets are mostly concerned about fiscal deficits.
He is sufficiently learned that knows how to do well, and has power enough to refrain from evil.
Geometry ought to refrain from such a course, in order to give to its structure the largest possible logical unity.
We should be grateful for the treasures bequeathed to us and refrain from appraising their respective deserts.
It is not even so necessary to do something well as to refrain from doing things badly.
The formation of the strophe, and devices such as the refrain, are less important.
Renters agree to drive with reasonable care, pay any parking tickets and refrain from smoking in the car.
The ability to act, or to refrain from acting, are secondary to the ability or inability to feel.
The plot of the song casts a garish light on the words of that refrain.
Parents should be supportive and refrain from criticism or discouragement.
But you need to do more than simply refrain from incivility.
Such is the refrain among some admissions officers who have seen sharp increases in applications over the last decade.
The article's advice is to refrain from sacrificing one's soul to social expediency.
Both of them want to publish their work but have agreed to refrain while experts consider the implications.
Refrain from using athletes' images and likenesses to promote commercial products.
The latter is a commitment by each party-the board and the president-to refrain from making negative statements about the other.
Please respect the efforts they make and refrain from using them.
Holes in the seat, well, the best reaction is to refrain from giggling.
Our partisan politicians must refrain from taking sides and making a field day out of unfinished science.
Please refrain from making judgments on people and situations when you are not fully aware of all of the details.
These clowns do not have that intimacy and should refrain.
If one doesn't want their beliefs ridiculed, one ought to refrain from having ridiculous beliefs.
But that logic isn't persuading those who think government should refrain from legislating personal choice.
She was required to participate in behavioral therapy and to refrain from similar conduct in the future.

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