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Groups are organizing all over the country to speak their minds on reforming pot laws.
But such reforming takes patience and careful hand-holding.
The bait ball explodes as the dolphins break through, quickly reforming behind them.
In this case, the network is constantly reforming as the nodes move in and out of contact with each other.
The big risk of reforming the system is that it weakens the state's economic hold over its citizens.
He founded seven monasteries, and was indefatigable in reforming the manners of his flock.
We need a return, as a nation, to an informed and rational debate about the choices facing us in reforming health care.
Nothing proves the unlikelihood of reforming the faculty unions more than their refusal to address the contingent faculty crisis.
He said the nation's education problems need to be fixed by spending more money and by reforming the system.
Some speakers proposed ideas for reforming the admissions process that were far-fetched, yet intriguing.
The president's deficit commission released its final recommendation for reducing the debt and reforming the budget this morning.
When it comes to the expensive, politically risky work of reforming our food system, the president believes in outsourcing.
The other half sees health care reform as both building a new social net and reforming the foundation of our health care system.
If you asked me to recommend one thing to read on reforming financial regulation, this would be it.
It speaks of reforming the media and, in the same breath, dismisses those who stray from the official line.
Reforming this system would require political change that in the current climate seems unlikely.
Taken overall, the reform effort amounts to tinkering with the existing system rather than fundamentally reforming it.
One answer is reforming health care to encourage longer appointments and follow-up visits.
Now will come another great national debate about reforming our nation's health care system.

Famous quotes containing the word reforming

The science of constructing a commonwealth, or renovating it, or reforming it, is, like every other experim... more
Every reform, however necessary, will by weak minds be carried to an excess, which will itself need reformingmore
Democracy shows not only its power in reforming governments, but in regenerating a race of men—and this i... more
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