reflexively in a sentence

Example sentences for reflexively

In effect, the insect robots were not thinking but reflexively reacting to their surroundings.
People so reflexively refuse your invites that you almost feel wrong in extending them.
Those of us who reflexively tend to hold the emos of the world in contempt should perhaps take a step back for a moment.
Some presenters reflexively apologize for their presentations.
Reflexively, he was apt to adjourn meetings when this happened.
The muscles of the neck and eye tense reflexively in response to these signals, and these help to stabilise our view of the world.
Itching is an unpleasant sensation that drives us to scratch reflexively in an effort to remove harmful substances from our body.
It's entirely understandable that you would reflexively see anything that falls outside of your narrow beliefs as inherently evil.
Reflexively dismissive and emotional, coupled with a bit of wishful thinking.
Instead, he resorts almost reflexively to this whining, overly-defensive projection.
Again thoughts turn reflexively to appropriate wines.
Politicians are trained from the time they mouth their first public lie to be reflexively certain about everything.
Whenever people lose faith in their political leaders, the popular culture reflexively responds by killing off parents.
They seem to reflexively repel from considered, educated ideas of which they are not familiar with.
Correct utilitarianism has to be reflexively consistent and take into account second order and n-th order effects.
Extremists almost reflexively accept responsibility for their heinous acts.
Harper came into power reflexively supporting more defence spending and believing the generals knew what they were doing.
So it might be in our interest not to scoff and sneer quite so reflexively.
Step on the rubberized mat, an unseen pressure sensor sends a signal to a mechanism at the hinge and the door opens reflexively.
Perhaps you perceived it as anti-teacher and thus reflexively were against it.
He tapped a foot rhythmically, reflexively keeping time with the audible thumping of his artificial heart.
You're the best ones to reign in your own, and you don't, you reflexively defend them no matter how bad their behavior.
As if police officers have to huddle and conspire in order to reflexively protect one another.
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