reflexive in a sentence

Example sentences for reflexive

If the reflexive reaction to such a dish was a grimace, it was quickly dispelled.
Hyperbole meets ideological rigidity meets reflexive cynicism.
Another reason not to get too excited is the reflexive conservatism and technophobia of medical folk.
Thus the reflexive search for an easy explanation, a boogeyman to hold responsible, is perfectly normal.
At home, their reflexive repression has a target in their civilian population.
Page is a reflexive champion of big-sometimes quixotic-ideas.
These computations are what lie beneath the outfielder's grace and reflexive magic.
Success depended on the leader taking immediate reflexive actions while still maintaining coolness under extreme pressure.
It is thinkable that the mind, and the brain are reflexive in the style, the mind-the brain-the mind.
What they don't need is reflexive opposition from the teachers' unions.
Some of our behaviors are much more reflexive and subconscious.
The reflexive response to congestion is to add more road capacity.
Of course, reflexive conservatism isn't the whole story.
There is, however a new logic of relations which fail to be reflexive, symmetric and transitive.
They operate in a political setting, and they evolve in a reflexive fashion.
By a thousand reflexive cuts, architecture loses its power to mean anything.
In other words it is reflexive and therefore indeterminate.
Brits' reflexive instinct at such times is often calm and steady endurance.
There are asterisked footnotes, italicized interruptions and self-reflexive comments about unreliability.
The inclusion of others feels reflexive and obligatory.
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