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The hardball approach of his defenders is in large part a reflex of this loss of prestige and authority.
Studies in animals have shown that signals from this nerve can control the new bladder reflex.
It is a thick brown sludge, gritty and triggering an immediate gag reflex.
Other evidence suggests that fear and the threat of danger trigger the cremasteric reflex.
Most of all, it means adopting the reflex of openness in public affairs.
There are increased reflexes at the joints, but there may be a loss of the gag reflex.
Sneeze: to make a sudden violent spasmodic audible expiration of breath through the nose and mouth, especially as a reflex act.
It's believed to act on sigma receptors, which can regulate the cough reflex.
Among baseball people it is a reflex to praise the little things.
Stabbing those who annoyed him soon became a reflex.
What's interesting is that this reflex can be manipulated.
Coughing is an important reflex for clearing the lungs.
It is easy to blame the lack of accountability in a culture whose reflex is to conceal rather than reveal.
The trouble is, the regime's reflex has always been to be repressive.
Fear is a conditioned reflex to events or situations which present a threat to survival or well-being.
The glare in the right is the reflex on a marble column.
He never responded to the sound of my voice and didn't have the startle reflex.
Winslow sees the vasoconstriction as a reflex that is susceptible to the ebb and flow of oxygen in the vessel.
Oxygen is not given to stimulate the breathing reflex.
Gag reflex aside, you've got to wonder about the gastrointestinal consequences of routinely eating vacuum-packed slop.
Some showed no startle reflex at all to some rather unpleasant stimuli.
In any debate over climate change, conventional wisdom holds that there is no reflex more absurd than invoking the local weather.
Blinded by his reflex to steamroll over any colleague who differed with him, he was effectively suppressing any ideas but his own.
Brown suffers from a condition called reflex sympathetic dystrophy, which results in chronic, debilitating pain in her feet.
It's my reflex to do so to try to put people at ease, but it didn't seem to work.
It is related to the flight reflex and may be regarded as an expression of the instinct of self-preservation.
The stream of zeal sparkles with real fire, and not with reflex rays of sun and moon.
Almost by reflex, she reached out and changed the wavelength of her windows.
The second robot, upon feeling cold, will simply put on the coat by reflex.
The odds of collisions go up if they do not share a reflex to move to one side.
But her reflex says a lot about sanitary conditions in the jail.
Since it so easily triggers a chain reaction, the yawn reflex opens a window onto mood transmission, an essential part of empathy.
Every thought, reflex, or sensation triggers such an electric pulse.
At best, the theory only applies to conditioned reflex.
Check out how many people take an acid-reflex drugs.
Testing has become more of a reflex than a higher-level decision.
To test whether your gag reflex has returned, place a spoon on the back of your tongue for a few seconds with light pressure.
Vomiting is a complex, coordinated reflex orchestrated by the vomiting center of the brain.
We want to cultivate the reflex that automatically fixes any inaccuracy, without whining.
Middle ear infections may be present if the light reflex is dull or absent.
Reflexes may be abnormal and may include loss of the gag reflex.
In such cases, the gag reflex doesn't work as well as it should, so bacteria can enter the airways.
Since alcohol has been found in human milk and can interfere with the milk ejection reflex, avoid alcohol while breastfeeding.
It may be due to suppression of the cough reflex and a build-up of mucus.

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