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Reflecting general trends in broadcasting, the bulk of the material comes from conversations and interviews.
The people in these countries are mostly governed by dictators, thus reflecting their nation's mentality.
But the other twists and turns, flattens and broadens, forming a number of air-filled sacs capable of reflecting sound.
He wants to build additional gift shops and restaurants reflecting the crafts and cuisines of these varied cultures.
Quantum entanglement is such a mainstay of modern physics that it is worth reflecting on how long it took to emerge.
That's because inconstant, perplexing clouds play a major role in climate change, both trapping heat and reflecting sunlight.
It prevents light from reflecting off the surface of solar panels.
In some communities a reflective roof sheeting is required which has a foil face reflecting the heat back through the roof.
It turns out that the glare reflecting off the floor or off of water is predominantly horizontally polarized.
Several factors are at play in the skyrocketing prices, reflecting both rising global demand and falling supplies of food grains.
Reflecting on the importance of sleep and developing educational exhibits about sleep.
But reflecting that this was a temptation of the devil, he threw the apple on the ground, and trod upon it.
Incarceration patterns had also shifted, reflecting the uneven return of the population.
In the medium run, the multiplier is likely to be negative, reflecting the adverse effect of larger government on economic growth.
It's worth reflecting on the fact that basically none of them existed five years ago.
We compare this week's to last's, reflecting on the sordidness of our dealers.
Pavement has done a brilliant job of both reflecting and creating its own audience.
At ground level, there are reflecting pools and gardens, creating a constantly changing series of landscapes.
Eventually, the area between them would be a reflecting pond, filled with creek water.
As doctors there noted to me, premiums have gone down substantially, reflecting the major drop in lawsuits.
Sea ice has a cooling effect by reflecting sunlight back into space.
She's drawn to the moonlight reflecting off the ocean.
Particles thrown into the atmosphere by volcanic eruptions are known to cause a global cooling effect by reflecting back sunlight.
Have students watch the video again, this time reflecting on the seven characteristics of ritual described above.
Have students write paragraphs reflecting on what they have learned about tortoises and their habitat from this video.
The ethnic groups also dress differently, reflecting tribal traditions unchanged over centuries.
Her stories are often intimate essays reflecting the lives of ordinary people.
Tiny structures in the feathers choreograph incoming light, reflecting sapphire in one direction, emerald in another.
But everyone understood the importance of reflecting on how the decision was made to go to war.
The moment was captured without a flash, the soft light of the room reflecting off the water's surface.
Reflecting the sun's light and heat, the snow keeps the ice underneath from melting.
Admire the view from the reflecting pond, and peer into the colorful waters of the basin.
Inflation rose again last month, reflecting big jumps in the cost of energy and airline tickets.
It prevents light from reflecting off the surface of solar panels.
The light reflecting off the oil is slightly out of phase with the light reflecting from the water.
The camera captures the pulses bouncing between and reflecting off objects.
Some changes reflecting this approach began at the top.
Probably reflecting the wording in the press release.
Their trick is to make it look as if light is reflecting off this surface, thereby hiding any object that they cover.
Brain is a dynamic net of interconnections which are reflecting something.
Thus a solar-sail can decrease its orbital radius by reflecting light at an angle and slowing in its orbit.
Those chemicals cause a reflecting surface which helps them make energy from the sun.
The magazine's lists are pretend science, far from reflecting the complexity of their agenda.
Are you up to the challenge of writing, reflecting, and thinking about your future.
Given the state of the job market, many academics are reflecting on rejection these days.
Spend time reflecting on your goals within each role.
Change is necessary, reflecting developments in science.
All students are required to complete a daily journal reflecting on their experience.
The students are reflecting on the tools and techniques, while they're experiencing them.
Even when he is helped out, it's never enough for him, and it ends up reflecting negatively on whoever helped him.
It was a mistake reflecting poor judgment and should never have happened.
Let me consider light reflecting off of one of these vertical mirrors.
Some of this software was programmed and submitted by listeners themselves, reflecting an early open source ethos.
Scores reflecting participants' views of how sacred their romantic relationships were changed during the four-week period as well.
The initiatives are well thought-out, reflecting the lessons learned from watching others' mistakes.
Markets are efficient at reflecting what participants believe to be true.
But before that profit can be measured, the trading arm has to be charged a cost of capital reflecting the risk it is taking.
Most brain structures, reflecting the bilateral nature of brainy organisms, are paired.
Bus fares and food prices almost doubled, reflecting the increase in transport costs.
The disorder is isolated and sporadic, reflecting local problems, rather than a sustained campaign.
Many of these changes are subtle, reflecting shifts in society as much as in policy.
But that number doesn't come close to reflecting reality.
Poems have been written in many languages reflecting different cultural traditions, though manifesting a kindred outrage.
In short, troubadour songs were a courtly art, reflecting the ideals of the feudal aristocracy.
The helix creates a visible point of light by re-reflecting a beam.
Our nerves operate at many different speeds, reflecting the biological challenges of wiring all the parts of the body together.
He notes that the term invasive plant is an intellectual construct, reflecting cultural prejudices as well as scientific facts.
Besides balloons, the bus might spew out millions of pieces of half-inch-long radar-reflecting wires.
Also, its a wonder the poles are as cold as they are, what with all the white snow and ice reflecting sunlight causing warming.
Its beam of reflecting invisible light, working much as radio waves do in radar, serves two functions.
So that lunar landscape is actually reflecting that light back to you, though far dimmer than the sunlit surface.
There have been a number of cases in which ghostly sets of lights turned out to be flights of geese reflecting ground lights.
The sun is there below the horizon reflecting it's image above the horizon by a refraction of the atmosphere.
When the box is accelerated, then there is unequal photon pressure on the reflecting walls of the box.
Find a beautiful spot, and spend some time reflecting.
In times of trouble, country music thrives by reflecting.
Clouds cool the planet by reflecting sunlight back into space.
Others are more philosophical, reflecting on the lessons of a lifetime's dalliance with history.
No other family members have developed symptoms, reflecting a relatively low infection-rate of the virus.

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