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Many eco-friendly homes have standing-seam metal roofs, which are low maintenance and light in color and also reflect the sun.
In an age of spell check and grammar check, errors reflect a carelessness that could be significant.
Those factors reflect the controversial nature of foreign-student enrollment, especially in the sciences.
Dollar figures do not reflect all pay reductions caused by unpaid furloughs attributed to the recession.
It may be that such answers really do reflect the thoughtfully considered priorities of the candidate in question.
Reflect upon how you will incorporate what you learned from the session and share that in your message.
Good practice dictates that you take some time to cool off and reflect about how to answer.
Sometimes candidates worry that asking for information will reflect badly on them.
In fact, they provide a great new opportunity for us to publish works that reflect the reality around us.
Any attention that you bring to this incident might reflect badly on you.
Jacobs's physical appearance has come to reflect his success.
His writing seemed often to reflect the sensibility of an exceptionally engaging ten-year-old.
To historians, silk artifacts reflect the trade and social customs of past cultures.
Inject sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere to reflect a portion of the sun's rays back into space, thus cooling the planet.
But the best of them are not only efficient, they reflect the character of the cities they serve and the people they carry.
The official scrabble list of words has undergone another update to reflect the changing nature of language.
They do not in any way reflect political or ideological views.
The bigger screens reflect how a lot of people use their phones, which aren't so much phones as media-consumption devices.
They reflect the values of cultural groups and the kinds of political structure and economic activity engaged in by a society.
Sulfur dioxide combines with water vapor to form sulfuric acid particles that scatter, reflect, and absorb sunlight.
Have the students reflect on the geographical features and population of the area.
The levels of oxygen isotopes in teeth reflect those of the blood, which in turn reflect animals' body temperatures.
In theory, the price of a home should reflect the value of the services it provides.
Markets were believed to be efficient, that is to reflect all publicly available information.
Words were carefully picked to reflect growing reconciliation, but the visit could not mask plenty of lingering resentment.
It may also reflect the success of the bank's aggressive easing-inflation expectations have edged up a bit.
The next morning the central bank set its parity to reflect the previous day's close.
True, lower lending volumes reflect weakening demand for bank credit as well as constrained supply.
Fewer antennae mean fewer things for enemy radar to reflect from.
The second question is whether the increases reflect supply or demand-side factors.
But while hiring trends may have started to reflect this shift, corporate culture has not.
But, laureates notwithstanding, it does not reflect a consensus among the dismal scientists.
Their reticence could reflect fears of copycat crimes, or simply the old habit of burying news during big events.
Everybody has different ideas about growth and they often reflect longstanding prejudices.
The composition is meant to reflect a rough balance between internal and exiled dissidents, in a ratio of six to four.
Our selves are the counterparts of other selves and action to be human must reflect that firm fact of our nature.
But a school's selectivity does not necessarily reflect the quality of the education it offers.
Such postponements are routine and do not reflect political or strategic concerns.
As private credit markets recover, government credit markets will start to reflect that reality.
It makes me reflect on how computer spending has changed.
They reflect his intimate knowledge of the qualities of his fellow actors.
The demands for degrees reflect this changed population.
Revolutionary movements don't always reflect the will of the people.
When those prices don't reflect the best information available, the risk increases that resources will be poorly deployed.
The large facility is meant to reflect a change of direction for the bankrupt company.
Windows that absorb or reflect light and heat at the flick of a switch could help cut heating and cooling bills.
Today's solar cells are backed with a metal layer, typically aluminum, to reflect light.
The readings taken outside the plant don't necessarily reflect the exposure to people working inside.
They are fruit of the previous year's reporting by the editors, and they inevitably reflect our emphases and biases.
While it's not yet clear how well those cells reflect the specific diseases, early research is promising.
These moves reflect a broader drive to make online information more accountable.
The subject being tracked wears special markers that reflect light emitted by the cameras.
They had mimicked the structure of an insect surface which doesn't reflect light.
Automobile testing takes place in a laboratory, not on the road, so the results need not reflect real-world fuel economy.
Amid such evangelical furor, it is tough to find pragmatic solutions that reflect the legitimate points on each side.
But the day can also be a meaningful time to reflect on blessings and celebrate holiday traditions.
To get energy, the large chlorophyll molecules absorb red and blue light from sunlight and reflect green light.
But all conversations, and all relationships, reflect a combination of hierarchy and connection.
Swelling and lingering pain may reflect an allergic reaction and warrant a visit to a physician.
Look at these life definitions, reflect about their implications.
Watching it made the neuroscientist in me reflect on what dreams are and how they relate to the brain.
The move to pay for eggs destined for research may also reflect changing mores.
Pure metals reflect light but do not transmit it, because they are filled with free electrons.
They also reflect more light than the larger silicon particles emitted by volcanoes.
The free will precedes the formation of the alternatives which are continuously updated to reflect novel experiences.
These particles reflect part of the sun's radiation back into space, reducing the amount of heat that reaches the atmosphere.
These beliefs reflect the ways ideas and explanations have been blended here-and elsewhere-in the face of globalization.
If there are public demonstrations against them, that must reflect outside agitators.
Your comments do not reflect well on your your grasp of current events.
They want colors that reflect current trends and look beautiful.
Its programming will also need to change, if only to reflect an increasingly diverse audience and country.
And the newspapers reflect contrasting political perspectives.
The response to the current crisis in education tends to reflect two different worldviews.
These patterns reflect particular geographic and genetic profiles of viral spread.
But my personal loss may reflect what a larger world than mine has suffered in her departure from it.
In order for this to happen, the price of energy should reflect its true cost to society.
Often, too, the sort of questions they are asked reflect priorities set elsewhere.
Both films reflect the scientific and global realities of the cold war era.
Tiny chemical particles thrown into the atmosphere reflect sunlight back into space.
They merely reflect mutations that happened to arise and spread in one area.
By varying the thickness of the membrane, the insect can reflect a rainbow from its wings.
In a small way, this might reflect that gender bias is less acceptable than ever.
On a more serious note, it's disappointing to see so many comments that reflect poorly on anthropology and anthropologists.
The test was done at speed, and did not reflect the extra energy needed to get all that extra clay rolling.
These sorts of stories reflect the reality that journalists and the reading public is primed toward simple narratives.
It was not meant to reflect negatively on you but rather to describe your philosophy on here, from my perspective.
And our national policy should reflect that, much better.
But you'd never know that from the continued drumbeat about how markets reflect economies.
The three words represent a summons to reflect on the meaning of existence.
We need them to suffer our heartbreaks, reflect our anxieties, embody our weaknesses.
Rather, it may reflect the fact that these substances are a lot easier to acquire than illegal drugs.
The life-expectancy stat that's so commonly used is not, in fact, meant to reflect our expectations for the future.
Other methods include spraying seawater mist from ships toward low-lying clouds, which would then reflect more sunlight.

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