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But he says that he looks forward to refining the system.
Refining models that may be used to generate or organize or communicate economic knowledge.
They put effort and resources into collecting them, refining them, understanding what they say about their performance.
The difference is that our kind of people kept refining those tools, which were made by chipping off thin layers of stone.
Cezanne was not content to spend his last years merely refining what was already an extraordinary achievement.
On the top of the hill was a huge iron kettle, or something of the kind, probably used for sugar refining.
Refining aluminum from bauxite requires a considerable amount of energy.
After a refining process, the aluminum cans are melted into solid metal blocks called ingots.
The effort focuses on refining agricultural practices in the watershed.
If it's not extracted during the natural gas refining process, helium simply soars off when the gas is burned, unrecoverable.
After he graduated, he ran a sugar-refining plant where he developed several technical upgrades to the refining process.
Algal fuels are made by extracting and refining the lipids within algae.
Rare earths are used in automotive catalytic converters and for refining petroleum products.
There is plenty of time for developing and refining procedures.
He was already known for his work refining a laser that would become a mainstay of fiber-optic communications.
Shell last week announced a plan to tackle tailings ponds, a toxic byproduct of extracting and refining oil there.
Then it can keep refining its recommendations as it observes how traffic is progressing.
Finally, scholars were busily refining their appreciation of how first-century writers had used language.
Refining your packing list for a trip can be challenging.
Past studies have backed that idea, too, but now researchers are refining the picture.
Bio-crude s refining bottle-neck would allow the pricing manipulations that big oil currently enjoys.
Advances in environmentally-beneficial practices in the corn refining industry start at the corn production stage.
For instance, it seems to be necessary for refining the brain maps that differentiate among auditory frequencies.
They're now working on refining the technique, so that it can be used with paintings on various surfaces.
Refining theories of lunar geology may help to shed light on the moon's origins and evolution.
In further refining the technique, investigators will have to replace the retroviruses used to deliver the genes.
New methods, though, are refining the ability to study this and other remote glacial mountain ranges.
It is also released as a by-product of the fractionalization process of crude oil refining.
Nor does it provide us with any guidelines for controlling unsuitable behavior or refining the behavior in some way.
Large-scale refining of such bio-based oil has yet to result in any dedicated facilities.
There are many reasons to continue using and refining them.
Perhaps nanotechnology is the answer in refining this technology.
And they are actively testing and refining their products to make them better.
But you are forgetting about the cost of refining and shipping.
What's happening is a merging, re-shuffling and refining of media categories and a broader choice of the way you access them.
It was the job of the managers, he told them, to improve that productivity by refining the processes the workers had to perform.
The oil is heavy, and must be mixed with lighter imported crude for refining.
People have become more efficient at growing, finding or refining raw materials.
There are worrying signs that in refining the details, the terms for such actions may be made tighter than had been hoped.
The process repeats, gradually refining the design into the shape the user desires.
And that's important, because the largest cost in the current biofuel refining process is energy.
After the concentration process comes the refining of the concentrates into workable metals.
Besides, refining and improving existing technology is much easier and less expensive, than developing a whole new energy source.
Cobalt is used in rechargeable batteries for wireless devices and hybrid vehicles, and in catalysts for refining gasoline.
Apple gets credit for bringing niche technology to the mainstream by refining the user experience.
By having a self refining engine, you can use nearly any fuel, including dried algae.
Not to mention refining the gasoline out of the crude oil.
In addition, researchers are refining a converter technology that will adapt to grid conditions in any country.
Harry is still refining the mechanics of his space and designing spaces that can be used for different types of meetings.
Now other's are refining his invention and the royalty money will go to them.
Crude prices closed at new highs last week and gasoline-refining profits are more than double what they were a few years ago.
Bark has been treating audiences to this show for a few years, always refining.
Zone refining is simply a sophisticated recrystallization technique.

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