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Back to the drafting table: under revamped plans, a refurbished sign will glow again from atop the remodeled refinery.
If you half-nationalize a sugar refinery, don't be surprised if foreign direct investment dries up.
Instead of this key refinery or that port falling, it's this square or that compound.
Meanwhile, on the ground, other scientists have found new ways to track refinery pollution.
The oil refinery supplies the wallboard company with petroleum by-products to fire its ovens.
Yes, we're all aware of mining accidents and slurry spills-as well as oil refinery explosions and drilling accidents.
The solution is then collected from beneath the pad and piped off to a refinery for final processing.
The blue whale had disappeared into these giant tanks, arranged in long rows as at any refinery.
Then it still needs to be shipped to the refinery and refined into petrochemicals, using still more energy.
The first, best use of the output: increased refinery efficiency.
Today, these columns define much refinery architecture.
Do refinery unscheduled maintenance nationwide, for a month.
To see how far this process can go, he asks us to imagine the chemical refinery of the future.
He grew up smelling salt in the air, and now he more often smells diesel exhaust and refinery pollutants.
Water and bitumen are then pumped to the surface, where they are separated before being piped to a refinery.
Note that a significant amount of electricity is consumed by the refinery to convert oil into gasoline.
Then it still needs to be shipped to the refinery and refined into petrochemicals, using still more energy.
Hydrocarbons from algae would also be far cleaner than crude oil as a refinery feedstock.
Whereas, if a refinery or conventional power plant is bombed, gigawatts of power production could be permanently knocked off line.
Consequently, refinery profitability is extremely low.
The shortage of refinery capacity means that jet fuel is competing with petrol and heating oil for space in the plants.
But improving an existing refinery or building a new one is a slow and capital-intensive business.
The country's oil refinery has come to a virtual halt because sanctions are preventing crude from coming in.
Since every refinery is unique, process unit size and type vary widely from refinery to refinery.
Processes for removing and recovering sulfur from refinery fuel gas are reviewed.
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