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Example sentences for refill

The pressure drops and the combustible chemicals quickly refill the chamber, leading to a series of bursts.
And they should take the long way to return and refill the bottle at the water cooler on the way back.
Fuel indicator window reminds you to refill before hiking into the wilderness.
For some reason, the starboard ballast tanks have failed to refill properly, and the ship has abruptly lost its balance.
He reckons the process would have to be controlled to stop overheating, but a safe refill would take only five minutes.
Another ice age will be required to refill some depleted aquifers.
The idea that they can be charged almost instantly fits right in with the driver mindset of needing to periodically refill anyway.
Not being able to quickly refill whatever type of energy storage device that you're using is a significant disadvantage for us.
Refill your water bottles once or twice, and make your coffee in a ceramic mug.
But it never takes long to refill the file of sound-alike mix-ups.
And if the law allows, refill the smaller bottles from the bigger.
Script for pharmacies to provide automated refill reminder calls to patients.
The address label is provided with the refill slip so you won't need to look up the address yourself.

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The consolations of space are nameless things. It was after the neurosis of winter. It was In the genius of summer that ... more
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