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Example sentences for referring

But he might as easily have been referring to the ungainly marvel that made it possible.
Draw out student responses by referring them back to questions addressed in their research.
Any learning experiment can be described by referring to hypothetical emotions.
His proposed solution of caching linked pages on referring sites ensures redundancy but not security.
You're referring to the effect of gravitational lensing.
The article you're referring to was based on a simulation of planetary formation.
More than one pointed to the elbow when referring to witchcraft, indicating the site in the body where sorcery is said to reside.
It was unclear if she was referring to private sessions, prior to her formal nomination hearing, with individual senators.
Examples would be for handicapped people that they were referring to and used instead of polygraphs.
They also bonus travel by the end of the year, and referring friends and family.
Asked if the father is alive, referring to claims that the father was killed in a car accident.
We don't think he's referring to the beer, which flowed freely during the screening.
The whole referring-yet each distinct, and in its place.
He gave no theory, of course, and he avoided the complication of referring to the sun.
It will perhaps seem strange that one should thus have attempted to describe religion without referring to deity.
Referring to the interpreter who explains the action in a puppet show.
He was referring to the way particles interact in quantum mechanics.
Some people argue about qualia, which is a term referring to the qualitative feel of consciousness.
Could you tell me what investigators you are referring to who reported the injuries.
When people talk of overpopulation they're specifically referring to resource depletion.
He even called them liars, referring to their coy attempt at saying they were not religiously motivated.
What you are referring to are external references rather than memory.
And they are often so technical, referring as they do to this subsection and that statute, that they are difficult to understand.
Taxonomy is not required for the referring provider.

Famous quotes containing the word referring

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