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As my caseload increased, the types of students referred to me began to change.
Ambivalence about charm may be rooted in the word's origins, when it referred to a magic spell or incantation.
Many have also been suspended and referred to disciplinary hearings and to criminal prosecution.
As high tide is building, the incoming flow of water is referred to as a flood tide or flood current.
Because it is a cleaner source of power than oil or coal, nuclear energy is often mistakenly referred to as a renewable resource.
Such landscapes are referred to as the continuous permafrost zone.
The population also was a reflection of this mixture, referred to as mestizo.
These aggressive seabirds are sometimes referred to as avian pirates.
Other longitude lines are sometimes referred to as meridians.
In the process, they create what are commonly referred to as shooting stars.
These miniscule creatures-which resemble snails flying through water-are sometimes referred to as sea butterflies.
These bits of a pole reversal are referred to as instabilities.
The chapter in this volume is based on that work, to which the reader is referred for details of argument and illustration.
The possible cento of remarks from his letters and works has been referred to above.
In moving the adoption of a resolution the preamble is not usually referred to, as it is included in the resolution.
If there are no auditors the report when made should be referred to an auditing committee, who should report on it later.
The report of the majority is the report of the committee and should never be referred to as the majority report.
If a main motion is referred to a committee it carries with it only the pending amendments.
Its consideration cannot be objected to if the matter was referred to the committee.
The first of these has already been referred to as the great entertainment presented by the inns of court to the king and queen.
They may be referred to a committee, or may have any other subsidiary motion applied to them.
All of these motions that may be made while the original motion is pending are sometimes referred to as secondary motions.
The lake referred to was a sort of enchanted delusion to conceal her demesnes.
When a sudden abnormality in the balance of the signals occurs, the result is a pattern of eye movements referred to as nystagmus.
These bilayers define what is referred to as the c-face.
Flow on a freeway is constrained by a small number of critical locations, referred to as bottlenecks.
Both of these are often referred to as acts of the insane.
It referred to continuing economic weakness in manufacturing output and jobs.
He gave equity to people who referred business to him, and equity to the firms that leased him office equipment.
They are well known locally, and are referred to as the devil's trails.
It is an e-booking service for patients being referred to a hospital for treatment.
The chemical often referred to as the bonding hormone has already been shown to affect the social skills of people with autism.
Mania is sometimes referred to as the other extreme to depression.
And this doesn't apply only to religious groups that one often hears referred to as cults.
If they were asked, they said that primary care doctors or emergency departments had referred them.
He often referred to key lessons he had learned from villagers.
He did not consider himself a critic, either, and was surprised when he heard himself referred to as one.
Often referred to as smart clothes, such health-monitoring systems have been discussed for many years.
One main hurdle in all these efforts is what's referred to in the field as target-to-background ratio.
The last communication was over a month ago and they said they had referred it to second level.
These conditions, called disorders of consciousness, are often mistakenly referred to as comas.
It was referred to as a fishing expedition, or a mindless collecting of facts.
It is perfectly plausible that magicians might sometimes be referred to as evil-doers.
Some who were troubled by this redefinition referred to those who remained untroubled by a code phrase.
Many sources are referred to both in the footnotes and in the text.
But many of us didn't imagine this kind of mistake possible and so repeatedly referred to the same nonexistent organization.
It merely referred to the way people solved programming and computer system issues.
Real worry here centers on what are euphemistically referred to as seismic events.
He kept this file to himself but referred to it periodically throughout our conversation.

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