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News articles, blog posts and e-mails often lack a systematic reference list that could be used to make a citation index.
Historical information necessarily is not current and is provided for your reference only.
He had created an icon-a work that registers as an emotional and cultural reference point in the minds of millions.
The room was impeccable without having reference to any authority that could be perceived as inhibiting.
He could not find a point of moral reference in contemporary society.
It's a funny reference, but it's also a clue to how she came to build her new sound, employing culturally incongruous elements.
Other dictionaries, and reference works generally, appear to be unanimous on these points.
There are no index, no bibliography, no reference footnotes.
The result is a critic with an unusually wide frame of reference.
The latter rate is the reference point for loans to customers.
They try to deflect official attention by choosing names for their companies that avoid explicit reference to their true function.
However, the reference is valid and useful in the context of the article.
Agreeing to be a reference means being willing to write letters.
The best solution in that case is to get a different reference, one who will write a good letter for you.
It covers some topics that are difficult to find in other reference works, and can point students to good, reliable sources.
My areas of interests include subject specialization in history as well as reference and instruction.
File away any interesting textbooks and syllabi that you come across for future reference.
The reference to narrow scholarship that stays in libraries can hardly be generalized to broader cultural understanding.
There was no reference to the size of the object and the picture was taken presumably by a satellite looking down on it.
We tell jokes that reference movie plots without the permission of the directors.
The concept that there is a single reference value for sea-level is somewhat interesting.
Land erodes and subsides and emerges so the reference is in a continual state of flux.
Most of the worlds exploration was done by using the stars as reference points.
It's certainly an interesting suggestion that a paradox of self-reference could emerge here.
Critics also argue that commercial genetic testing is only as good as the reference collections to which a sample is compared.
There is a lot of excellent reference material in here.
It is amazing that there is no reference to him in this article.
If any local residents are willing to vouch for you, ask the hotel manager to call them for a reference.
As the profession moves into a new era, its premier reference adapts.
And that was only possible because there were all these layers of reference that were in his mind and in mine.
She doesn't need to be racy or controversial or reference obscure art scenes and design influences.
He makes reference to that piece in a blog post today.
We'll get back to the dwarf reference, but first a digression.
Dorsey intends the tattoo as a reference to his interests in math, music, and anatomy.
They directed federal agencies not to make any reference to the existence of it in any further reports.
The bibliography will make this book a useful work of reference for students and teachers.
It remains unclear whether there were explicit edicts along these lines in reference to archaeological sites.
The reference to nuclear weapons was especially telling.
Disapproving reference to outsourcing had elicited strong positive responses.
Although the speed of light is does not depend on the the frame of reference, the time of flight does.
Another is that there is no known reference against which to measure it.
There is no proof or even support of proof in the statement or reference to past technology.
Upstairs from the laboratory was a large criminal museum that served as a reference base.
It's a standard reference for anyone who is on a departmental colloquium committee.
Mum stayed home with reference clocks in the kitchen.
It was good enough to get me through undergrad, but hasn't been a useful reference since.
Reference to length of circadian rhythm also adjusted.
In a way it's as much a litmus test of human nature as it is a reference tool.
Upon returning from the trip, neither he nor his friends were able to locate a reference book that provided the answer.
Below are reference tools for common terms, publications, and links.
While price estimates differ, they're in the same ballpark and give you a frame of reference.

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