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As an option, print and copy these paragraphs so students can refer to the information on their own papers.
They need to learn how to cite, how to refer, how to use quotation marks for direct quotations as opposed to indirect ones.
The simple fact that he used the present tense to refer to a species synonymous with extinction short-circuited my ears.
In this case, there is a factual history to refer to, namely the tapes of the original interview.
Please refer to the previous link to check out a calendar of regularly-scheduled activities at the museum.
Please refer to the important notices including that in relation to composite performance, and the certain risk factors herein.
The sample you refer to and the implication that arises from the limits of the sample are only a part of a larger picture.
Such corridors refer to land that utilities can use to run pipelines, transmission cables and other energy-related structures.
Then they refer to the appropriate bilingual dictionaries and grammar guides.
The article should but does not refer to some or any research which supports the hypothesizing.
When people say that the pitch rises when you breathe helium, they refer to the fact that the sound seems higher.
Our everyday language is full of expressions that refer to where people around us are looking.
One might refer to the multi-national crews of the space shuttles and station as worker bees in an orbiting hive.
Both common and scientific names refer to the leaf shape, which suggests that of a peach.
The researchers occasionally refer to the project as environmental diplomacy.
Please refer to the chart below for delivery time and rates.
Both refer to the natural phenomenon of water recycling.
Scientists refer to these areas as biological hot spots.
People often refer to any mantid as a praying mantis, but mantises are part of a smaller group within the mantids.
Organized by country, state and city, this is a list that travelers will refer to repeatedly.
Have students refer back to the underwater tracking tools they learned about in the lesson for some examples.
In a business context, flexibility can refer to a number of different ideas.
Proud government ministers frequently refer to the increase.
It does not simply refer to a difficult decision, but to a choice between two equally unpleasant alternatives.
The bigger claims refer to the structure's ability to resist damage to itself.
Later in the day they can refer for inspiration to a print-out of their best smile, which they carry around with them.
Over the last few weeks, we've seen a number of high-profile studies come out looking at global climate that refer to a mystery.
Most major companies refer to a detailed code of corporate conduct when considering such policy decisions.
They may also instead refer to centripetal acceleration as the acceleration of an object moving in a circle.
But be realistic with yourself about how often you actually refer to these paper files.
Words that are vulgar or offensive, or refer to unsavory topics.
Don't use arcane terminology or refer to obscure sources.
As a result, the percentage changes refer to a different set of dollar figures than those shown.
We need to use the book to refer to the tables and charts during a design exercise.
If there are none, then the proper motion is to refer it to an auditing committee to be appointed by the chair.
Both our fragments refer to the time immediately before the final encounter.
The reader will best understand what is meant, if he will take the trouble to refer to the diagram in the fourth chapter.
Now let us not forget that this symbol may refer in two ways to the truths of evolutionary history.
She finally complained of new symptoms which this experienced physician could no longer refer to local affections.
On account of the intimate relation of dream fear to neurotic fear, discussion of the former obliges me to refer to the latter.
Wherefore, in such facts, it seemed often sufficient to refer the reader to the original records.
The photographs on these pages refer to a place, buildings, lives.
The phrase can refer to the change in historical fashion already discussed.
Scientists working on problems related to the exploration of space often refer to their field as space science.
These high-frequency players tend to be poor and uneducated, which is why critics refer to lotteries as a regressive tax.
None of these posts refer to the simple fact that nature uses water over and over again.
These compounds have tremendous potential, whether you refer to clinical or anecdotal evidence.
For anything beyond that repertoire, the virtual agent will refer the patient to a human health-care provider.
My comment was meant only to refer to the specific timing of the policy.
The inch measurements refer to the diameter of each telescope's main mirror.
The device or capacitor may refer to a device in the lab.
And yet the flippant way you've used the term to refer to writing obligations and business relationships.
Describes the four layers of markings in the painting, many of which implicitly refer to the history of finance capitalism.
They refer instead to their neighborhoods, and to the nearest subway lines.
Doctors who used to shun him now sometimes refer patients.
His routine was to carry a newspaper onstage and refer to it, adding commentary so deadpan that audiences at first didn't get it.
The police refer to them as crews, not gangs, because each may have as few as four or five members.
In language, sounds are combined into patterns--words--that refer to something other than themselves.
Rather than repeat the arguments here, let me refer you there.
Archaic does not refer to time period, but to anatomy.
They refer to themselves by different names: partners, lovers, significant others.
They usually refer to a company's worldwide sales, including those to health facilities.
Refer to the resource listed in the topic if you need help answering the question.

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