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Their reel mechanism had stalled and the line became badly snarled.
The players reel off their names and birthplaces, one by one, and take their places in line.
Making a film no longer required film or the painstaking process of editing reel or tape together.
Kudos to science for making the imagination reel with rambunctious flair.
Switching from a power to a reel mower will give a cleaner cut and reduce noise and pollution.
The rod has a reel with string you can wind up and cast.
There is also angling tourism: rich foreigners pay handsomely for the chance to reel in a tiger fish.
And fishermen continue to curse the marauders that gut their quarry, leaving nothing to reel in but lips and gills.
The lizards, however, weren't quite as quick to reel their prey back in as temperatures cooled.
All the tether rover needs to do is reel it back in when it's done.
We reel down the mountain as much by feel as by sight.
Or watching the constant reel of old game commercials projected on the wall.
Their days are a pleasant reel of grading papers, marinating chickens and recapping uneventful days.
To reel in this celebrity interview takes five press kits, seven cover letters, three emails and extensive security clearances.
But his company continues to reel in the giant contracts.
These begin with the idea that it is not enough to exude competence and reel off endless policy proposals.
The fishing spider needs neither rod nor reel to lure in tadpoles, fish, or frogs.
Logic isn't this film's strong suit, especially during its haywire final reel.
In-game journalists produce three daily newspapers, a radio show, and a nightly reel of video highlights.
Screen the reel and let us know what you think in the comments section below.
After the show, we'll splice together the winner's video and post a splashy reel.
Look for troll-, pole-, or rod-and-reel- caught fish.
The company film at the pavilion next plays a familiar highlight reel.
When suspects turn away or reel, cops or border-security agents can nab and handcuff them.
When you talk about my career, when they show a highlight reel, they're never going to show it without me smashing that guitar.
He then proceeds to pull silk from her bottom with a tiny reel, sometimes for eight hours at a stretch.
Its waterways offer year-round fishing, whether visitors are rod-and-reel or fly fishers.
The waters contain numerous trout species, and you can rod-and-reel fish or fly fish.
It seems the only thing left of his preaching is the highlight reel.
Cloners sweep the air with radio scanners to reel in personal codes beeped by mobile phones at the start of every call.
He pioneered recording on tape, creating dozens of layers of sound with an early reel-to-reel tape machine.
Then the one-reel drama began, and all pleasure ended.
Its first reel or two sets a fairly low bar for the viewer, so that when it perks up it exceeds expectations.

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