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Fumaroles ringed with yellow crystals belch out reeking vapors.
Admissions standards have increased over the last decade so there aren't as many patchouli-reeking students as there used to be.
It got to the point where the students were reeking so heavily of it that it was becoming a distraction at school.
As new allegations of lawbreaking surface, journalism itself is reeking.
At the back of his reeking street stall, a cage full of half-alive birds watch.
Goats and buffaloes graze amid the reeking mounds, and thousands of scavengers comb the site, looking for items of value.
The island now is infertile, crowded, reeking with gas fumes and the dust from the bauxite plant.
Flat, toneless, and positively reeking of authenticity.
Subdivision residents have complained of reeking odors emanating from the lagoon.
The birds regurgitate a reeking and corrosive vomit as a natural defense.
It is, for instance, common to find these owls riddled with porcupine quills or reeking of skunk scent.
Across the main road near the apartment building was a reeking slum.
He would come home, reeking of alcohol, and sleep it off.
When the waters receded, they exposed vast expanses of reeking mud flats and rotting vegetation.

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Avoid the reeking herd, Shun the polluted flock, Live like that stoic bird, The eagle of the rock.... more

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